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  1. catlover19


    My mom and sister had to put down their dog this evening. Apparently her organs weren't working and her heart was very weak. The vet said she would have passed in the next few days. My dad rescued her when someone found her abandoned. My dad passed away almost 9 years ago now and Candy lived...
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    A couple months ago, I put a towel down under my kids stroller and Mabel peed all over it and the stroller. Today, she peed on their bean bag chair. I had just finished getting my kids dressed after bathing them and a few minutes later, my son was soaked. I couldn't figure out where it came from...
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    Mabel the Handycat

    Wants to know what she can fix for you...after she wakes up :lol: They are my son's toy tools.
  4. catlover19

    Mabel on Christmas Question

    As Christmas is getting closer, I'm starting to wonder what to do with Mabel on Christmas Eve. I've let her and my kids destroy the tree for the last few weeks but I want to redecorate it on Christmas Eve. Then once "Santa" comes, I will need a way to keep her away from the tree and the...
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    Meowing a Lot

    Mabel seems to be following me around a lot and meowing like she wants something but I can't figure it out. She has toys, food, water and her litter box is clean so I'm not sure what she wants. I thought maybe she wanted attention so I tried to sit and pet her but she just walked away. How do...
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    Cat Peeing Under Litter Box

    Twice in the last week, I've noticed Mabel has peed under her litter box. I don't even understand how that could happen. Her litter box is only a week old so there's no holes in it and there's no pee on the side of it so she's not peeing out of it and it's running down the side and under. I...
  7. catlover19

    Cat and Baby

    I wanted to share a video I took of our cat Mabel and my (almost) 1 year old son. This went on for a while, Mabel would get up and move a bit and Hudson would follow her and they would start playing again. They went all around the room doing this.  
  8. catlover19

    Hyper Cat

    Our new cat Mabel is really hyper. We were told she's 3 years old but she seems to act like a kitten still. Is that normal for a 3 year old cat? I haven't been around a "younger" one in a while. She can go from being downstairs to upstairs in about 2 seconds, is constantly spazzing and always...
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    New Kitty

    We got a new cat today. She's 3 years old, fixed and good with kids. The lady we from originally got her from the humane society a month ago but turns out she's severely allergic. Her name is Mabel but we are hoping to change her name and letting our 3 year old daughter pick her name. She is...
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    Kitten Party

    Has anyone seen this on Netflix? My 2 year old is watching it. She loves cats. It's cute. It's almost 40 minutes if cats playing and having a party.
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    Crazy Weather

    Is anyone else having crazy weather? It was -10 feels like -15 a few days ago (which is 14 feels like 5F). We had a TON of snow last week and then it warmed right up and it is all gone. Yesterday, it was 13 degrees (55F) and insanely windy. I was sitting in the living room with the kids and we...
  12. catlover19

    He's Here!

    My son Hudson was born on Friday at 9:35 pm weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces. I just wanted to share a few pictures and say that we are doing very well.  He was about 30 minutes old here. Going home Laying on the hospital bed with me when he didn't want to sleep Aimee meeting her little...
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    It's a.....

    For anyone who is curious. I finally found out what I am having.  Aimee will have a little brother by October. 
  14. catlover19

    Aimee Practicing Being a Big Sister

    Aimee was practicing being a big sister this morning. 
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    Vibes/Thoughts For a Friend

    An old coworker of mine just had her baby very early. He was born at 23 weeks 4 days weighing only 1 pound 11 ounces. So far, he is stable and seems to be doing ok. This brings back soooo many memories from when my daughter was born at 29 weeks weighing 2 pounds 2 ounces. I could hardly sleep...
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    My baby is 1

    I haven't been around much lately, been busy with the baby. For anyone that remembers, she was born premature at 29 weeks 5 days. She was only 2 pounds 2 ounces and spent 62 days in the hospital. She's not so little anymore, she weighs 17 pounds and is over 27" long. We went for her 1 year...
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    9 Months

    My little girl is 9 months old today. If anyone remembers my original posts last year, my daughter was born at 29 weeks weighing 2 pounds 2 ounces. Here is my original thread. Here are some recent pictures of her. She weighs approximately 14 pounds...
  18. catlover19

    Baby Photo Shoot

    I got my daughters newborn photos done last week after she finally got discharged from the hospital. I got the dvd with them today and I love them so I thought I would share. I just linked to the album on Facebook, I hope that is ok...
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    My Baby is Home

    I thought I would update on my daughter Aimee. If anyone remembers my original thread, my daughter was born at 29 weeks 5 days on September 5. After 62 days in the hospital (26 in the NICU and 36 in the special care nursery), she came home on Monday.  This is hard to read but it says "Happy Two...
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    Just Thought I'd Share

    I just thought I would share a picture of my daughter in her cat sleeper. I got 2 of these at my baby shower, one has a matching bib too. Thankfully, they are 2 different sizes so once she grows out of this one she can wear the other one.