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  1. ZombieTiger

    Books about cats

    I'm new to cats and just started reading The Secret Language of Cats by Susanne Schötz. What are some other books that goes beyond the basics that I should read?
  2. ZombieTiger

    Clicker training

    How many here clicker train your cats, and do you have any tips?
  3. ZombieTiger

    Small cat?

    My 5 month old kitten was neutered yesterday, but the vets kept commenting on how small he is, but that he seemed healthy. I'm assuming that they would not have put him under if they were concerned. He weighs around 3 pounds, and from what I've read (and partly seen - he has always seemed...
  4. ZombieTiger

    Preparing for New Year's celebration?

    So, this will be my first cat's first new year's celebration. My question is if I should start preparing by getting him used to firework noises on the tv/radio like you would do with a skittish dog/puppy, or if that is pointless when it comes to cats? Should I let him do whatever he feels...
  5. ZombieTiger

    You know you have a cat when...

    (Don't know if there already is a thread like this). You know you have a cat when... - You buy expensive meat but mostly eat beans and cheap mince yourself. - You hide wires and cords even in other people's homes. - You take your food with you every time you leave the room.
  6. ZombieTiger

    When is it too cold to take cat outside?

    Is around 5 c/40 f too cold for an indoors cat/kitten to sit mostly still in for about 1 hour?
  7. ZombieTiger

    How much space for 2 kittens?

    Just out of curiosity, how big would my apartment have to be for 2 cats to live comfortably together? I currently have 1 extremely mellow and chill kitten, and the apartment is small enough for it to be OK with only 1 litter box. I might be able to fit 2 litter boxes, but 3 might be a problem...
  8. ZombieTiger

    Comments on catwalking

    Hope this is the right forum for this kind of question. I'm training my kitten to walk on a leash and wondered what kind of comments I should expect when we start going outside. Cats on leash is pretty rare where I live and considered borderline animal cruelty by a lot of people (but not so...
  9. ZombieTiger

    When to start "traveling" with kitten?

    So, Roscoff is 17 weeks and has been with me for 2 weeks now. It's crucial that he is comfortable being in his traveling bag while being taken places and moved about. He's definitely comfortable in it when it's in our apartment, the only place he's been since moved here, and he spends a lot of...
  10. ZombieTiger

    16 week old kitten with diarrhea

    First time hysterical kitten parent need some advice from knowledgeable cat-gurus. My kitten has been growing up on Friskies Adult, and I mean to have him eat Pure Natural for kittens and high protein wet food instead. I think I might have overfed and/or changed my kitten's diet a little too...
  11. ZombieTiger

    Chirping at favourite toy?

    I accidentally let my kitten see birds on the TV the other day, he chirped a little but lost interest when they didn't react. Today he chirped when I tried to engage him with his favourite ball. I've read that chirping can mean anything from frustration to amusement?
  12. ZombieTiger

    What colour?

    The people I got him from just called it gray. He keeps getting darker, has a sister with similar colours except slightly darker and with more contrast in the pattern and no white spots.
  13. ZombieTiger

    A Cat called Horse

    Hi! I just picked up my first cat on Sunday. He's around 15 week old, and I've decided to call him Roscoff, which most likely will just end up being Ross. :lol: We're already friends and he likes belly rubs, wet food and fluffy blankets.