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    Cat vs. Rafter of Turkeys

    Did you know that a group of turkeys is called a rafter? When we saw this rafter of wild turkeys in our driveway a couple of days ago, we let Wessie out so that he could take a look them. This is the video of what happened.
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    Wessie takes a walk in the forest

    Here's a video of Wessie taking a leashed walk in the forest (our yard). Enjoy!
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    Do you/ Would you walk your cat?

    Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to do a poll on cat walking. It would be great if you answered the poll/ shared your cat walking stories! I'd love to hear about your adventures. :) 
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    Wessie takes a walk in the park!

    I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from Wessie's walk in the park. We took him out to a local park, and he did surprisingly well. A dog even passed without a problem! I took him to the park a second time later that week, and I hope to go again soon. Looking around when we...
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    Farmer's Markets?

    I'm planning to sell my cat harnesses and toys this year at the local farmer's market. Do any of ya'll have experience as sellers at an event such as a farmer's market? Any tips on booth design, advertising strategies, etc.?
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    Against not going to the vet

    I've been thinking about this for a while, and I would like an answer to this question. Why is everyone so against self treating pets?? If it is something that works, how is it so different from going to the vet and paying them thousands of dollars to do the same thing? I can see that ya'll...
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    Moving with Wessie: Personality change?

    Hello my fellow TCS members, I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I haven't been posting much for a while. I mentioned in Lauren's thread that I had moved a few months ago. Anyway, I moved to a wonderful home with 10 acres. It's on a private road in the forest with only four neighbors...
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    Anyone own a Wacom?

    Or another kind of drawing tablet? I've had my eye on the Wacom Bamboo Create for a while. I plan on getting it when I have the funds and would like to know how others like it.
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    Kitty's kittens pics!

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to this. :) Finally I am posting photos of Kitty's adorable little kittens. A few of the photos are quite old, so they are a bit bigger now. This is Tibbs. He's a boy. Kish Kish who looks just like her mother and is the only girl. She's also the only...
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    Kitty had kittens!

    I have some news for you guys. I've been quite reluctant to post this... as I'm afraid that everyone will start getting on my case and telling me to do things which I cannot do. I honestly can NOT get this cat spayed... so please don't mention it. And if you do, would you please not be...
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    Happy 4th Birthday Wessie!

    Can you believe that he is 4 already? :lol3:
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    Post deleted?

    Hi, I am wondering if a post that I replied to has been deleted? It was rather "inflammatory" for this site, so I'm presuming it was removed by an admin. I was hoping to see what some of the members would reply to it, and I'm just interested to find out if I'm just missing something. Thank you!
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    Nature's Menu?

    Does anyone have any experience with this food? I'm interested in it, and would like to learn a little bit more about it before making any changes.
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    365 Project Update!

    Hello all, some of you might remember Abby'sMom inviting the photographers among us to join 365Project (where you take a photo every day for a year). I joined and I know a few others did as well. Only one of them I believe is still doing it, (besides Karen of course!) Goldycat I love looking...
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    Saw this guy...

    Walking his cat at the park yesterday. It was amazing- exactly what I want to achieve with Wessie! The cat was happily walking along in front of him, practically like a dog. He had only been walking his cat for a month. I actually saw him on what I believe was their first walk. When we came...
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    My Cat Drawings

    MJohnson inspired me to post my cat drawings here- they're not nearly as good as hers, but I still thought I would share. One day I hope to draw as well as she does, though! Drew this last year, around November or so. I drew this of Wessie a couple of years ago. Very, very old drawing-...
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    Worried about Kitty

    I haven't seen her for a week now. :( As some of you may know, I've been taking care of a stray dubbed "Kitty". The name just kind of stuck. She stayed outside, and I fed her- once I let her stay in the bathroom for the night because it was very cold. I last saw her last Monday, it was...
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    What have you trained your cats to do?

    I thought it would be interesting to see what the other members have trained their cats to do. I trained Wessie to high five my hand sometime last year, and trained him to sit yesterday. If I'm able to teach him more tricks I might try to take a video of it. What are your cats trained to do?
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    My first "real" crochet project

    Just wanted to share a picture of the baby blanket I made for a Christmas present. I didn't have much experience with crocheting besides making some cat toys. I designed the pattern myself. It took longer than I'd hoped, but went quickly after I really started jamming in the crocheting as it...
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    How to get cat pee smell out of a mattress?

    Couldn't figure out which forum to put this in- if a mod sees it and knows where to put it, please move it! :) So... this morning I was deep in sleep and forgot to let Wessie out of the bedroom at his usual time. When I awoke I realized my hand was sitting on neat little wet pile of sheets...