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    Answer my question with a question

    So someone answers my question and then another answers that person's question and so on. Wanna give it a try? 
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    Story Builder

    This is how Story Builder goes: One person begins the story by writing a sentence, for example: One day, I walked by a coffee shop and thought, "That's new; jellybean flavored coffee." Then another person adds a sentence, like: I then walked into the coffee shop to see how it tastes. Then...
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    The Cat Diaries

    Please post stories about yourself and your cat! They can be funny, they can be sad, they can be long, they can be short!   
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    I'm so sorry for everyone who lost their special kitty. Remember all the good times you had together and know that they are playing with their friends on the bridge. Rest in peace, dear kitties.   We will keep you in our hearts forever. 
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    Funny photos and some sad but funny videos of cats.