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  1. ruthyb

    Hi all,not sure if anyone will remember me

    Hi all,I still recognize a few names on here,it's been quite a few years,,I've missed you all and so glad I'm back.its been a hectic few years,I've currently got 5 cats,smartie 12,fudge 13,Angel 6,Dennis 4 and fluffy our new addition who is 16 weeks x
  2. ruthyb

    Hi, I am back and need advice on hand rearing kittens please.xx

    Hi all, been a very long time since I was on here and not even sure if I have posted in the correct section. My friends cat had kittens yesterday and rejected them, she had 3. I offered to take them and when I went to collect them they were all freezing cold and nearly about to pass over. I...
  3. ruthyb

    I have just joined Facebook

    So if any of my lovely friends on here would like to be my friend on there if you have it, please pm me and I wil send you my fb name as I am using my maiden name.xx
  4. ruthyb

    Vibes for my Angel please

    Omg what a terrible week I've had,the weathers been lovely here so the cats have been out as they do and thursday night I got them all in from the garden and couldn't find Angel anywhere, she really doesn't go far so I was so worried, still yesterday no sign of her. This morning I got up early...
  5. ruthyb

    Hello all, bit of an update

    So sorry that I've not been on here for ages. I have split up with my husband, its been very tough and a very trying time, I am getting there though and I hope to be back on here properly very soon, I miss you all.xx
  6. ruthyb

    Vibes for my sister in law please?

    My sister in law was 30 weeks pregnant and on saturday she started to bleed heavily, she went to hospital and they found out that the placenta had ruptured and they gave her an emergency c-section. baby Jacob was born 3lb 8oz. My sister in law has only seen him today for the first time, she lost...
  7. ruthyb

    L lysine how much?

    Hi there all,    hope everyone is well. This a question on behalf of a friend, she has a cat who has had a cold recently and she took him to the vets, he was given antibiotics and is doing a bit better, however he is always a bit snuffly and she is always running to the vets with him, he has...
  8. ruthyb

    Feral/stray in our area

     Hi, for about 3 months now there has been a cat coming in our garden, front and back and also all the other neighbours, he is a big boy, very scruffy looking, very skittish and no way approchable, always hear him fighting with the neighbours cats and he also breaks into any bin bags or open...
  9. ruthyb

    Update and questions on my grandmas cats

    I posted a long time ago about my nanas two cats, they had really bad skin,scabs and all the skin seemed like a pug dogs. My nan and grandad are in failing health and have memory loss and they don't live that close so I don't get to visit that much. I posted on here on ways basically how I could...
  10. ruthyb

    Angel isn't right

    Haven't posted for a while, sorry have been so busy lately, hope everyone is well.    Angel is now 7 months and a while back just after I got her I had a problem with her passing blood in her stools, I took her to the vet and they said it was a really bad worm infestation (they took samples and...
  11. ruthyb


    My mum in laws dog Maisy passed away early hours of this morning. She was nearly 3, such a sad loss and the whole family have felt it. We miss you Maisy.xx
  12. ruthyb

    Happy Easter!!

    Happy Easter to everyone, what is everyone doing today? We are just having a quiet day in today and I am cooking a whole leg of lamb, having a roast with roast potatoes, mashed potato, carrots, leeks, brocolli, sage and onion stuffing, home made gravy and yorkshire puddings.Going to put the lamb...
  13. ruthyb

    I know this is a cat forum but please if anyone could help me with my mum in laws dog I would be gra

     Hi, my mum in law doesn't know where to turn to and I thought I would ask on here for her as I know some of you have dogs and may know a little bit and be able to help me. Her dog is a pedigree Lhaso Apso and will be 3 next month, she is fully innoculated but hasn't been spayed. That is next on...
  14. ruthyb


    Here's a few piccies of Angel, resting after a long day  I tell you, you would not believe she was spayed on tuesday, she is no different at all, gosh if it were me I'd be on pain killers and feet up  x
  15. ruthyb

    I want to do the race for life but...

    you have to pay to enter, a bit annoyed as I can't afford to do it, it used to be free, now it's £14.99 entry fee. The cause is cancer research which is very close to my heart after losing 3 people to cancer I would love to do it, just very dis heartened as to why you have to pay an entry fee to...
  16. ruthyb

    Angel goes to be spayed tomorrow

    At long last of waiting for my low cost voucher Angel is going in the morning, I have got to be up at 6.30am got so much to do. Got to take the food up in 40 minutes and water up at 7. I'm really nervous for her and she is such a mummys girl I just hope she won't be too frightened being away...
  17. ruthyb

    Angel has a lump in her stomach

    Angel goes in to be spayed on tuesday. I was rubbing her belly earlier and felt like a pea sized lump that moves around, its not hard, feels like a fatty lump and doesn't seem to cause her any discomfort. I will notify the vets of this when she goes on tuesday but does anyone know what it could be?x
  18. ruthyb

    Angel is being spayed next tuesday

    Finally my low cost spay voucher came after waiting weeks. I rang the vets yesterday and the earliest that I can get her in is next tuesday. I have to starve her from 11pm monday night and no water after 7am tuesday morning. She has to be there for 8.30am. Although I am relieved to get her...
  19. ruthyb

    I've bought an electronic cigarette

    I thought that it would be better than smoking regular cigs, they say it is an alternative but just not full of chemicals, tar and rubbish. I find it ok but I am still finding it really hard not to have a cigarette, I am having major cravings. My last cigarette was yesterday morning and I am...
  20. ruthyb

    Think my mum lost a potential buyer for her house because of her cat

    My mum and dad have had their house on he market quite some time and they are now desperate to sell. All the viewers they have had so far haven't even sold their houses. Anyhow on saturday she had a couple round who have sold and really liked the look of my mums house. My mum has 4 cats and she...