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  1. mattkat

    Can A Mother Cat Be Safely Introduced To Another Female And Male?

    We have a mother cat (named Gracie) who had kittens 9 1/2 weeks ago, and she will be spayed soon. The kittens will be adopted soon. We already have two cats, a male and a female, and we were wondering if Gracie can be safely introduced to our two cats. She is a very sweet cat, and we want to...
  2. mattkat


    Her name is Gracie. She likes people, especially people who show her attention. Here are some pictures: She looks to me like a domestic shorthair, except that her eyes are somewhat slanted and she sometimes looks cross-eyed. Her tail has stripes.
  3. mattkat

    Is this cat a Maine Coon?

    Which breed is Darius? He is our friends' cat. They think he is a Maine Coon. He has a brown/white coat pattern and a very fluffy tail. I told his owners that I would find out the breed. Here are some pictures:
  4. mattkat

    Scratching at fur

    Our cat is scratching her neck behind her head and fur is falling off. She has patches with no fur and a red spot on one of them. Last week, she has had been treated with Frontline Plus Flea Treatment.
  5. mattkat


    Here below is our cat, Tiger. We found him in 2008 and I was wondering what breed he is. I know he is a tabby, but I am not sure if he is a maine coon or no? -MattKat