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  1. kkoerner

    What breed/s do I resemble?

    Traits: 1. Big round head (though actually it is more trapizoidal, with fatter cheeks at the bottom and narrowing slightly at the top), round yellow eyes, short but small nose. 2. No meowing...only chirps and other silly noises, and he used to be totally quiet but my other cat is a talker and he...
  2. kkoerner

    Loki is a dork :-P

    Such a silly boy...
  3. kkoerner

    Another "what breed is he" thread?

    Kinda...mostly kidding because Loki is without a doubt 100% verifiably....Domestic Shorthair LOL :-P However...if you were to stare him down with the intentions of pinpointing any specific "breed-like" traits, do you see any? What breed? What traits? He is a goof. He was a single, unweaned...
  4. kkoerner

    New kitten name dilemma.

    So, he came with a name, Loki. He doesn't know it, is cute and does fit him. However, I like making things complicated and decided that while Loki is still in the running, I'd like to at least consider other names before just sticking with what he came with. Our other cat is...
  5. kkoerner

    Cute pointed kitten with hazel eyes

    Would you call her a seal point? Her nose appeared to be black, but she had rosie paw pads (not white feet) I thought she was so pretty....those hazel eyes give her a really warm look (when she isn't upset with you for picking her up with one hand trying for a picture, as she was here LOL)
  6. kkoerner

    Does he look like an Egyptian Mau?

    Background: He came to the shelter as an owner surrender. The guy was not really a cat person and had been given this cat...he didn't know where his friend got the cat though and didn't have papers. This was him at 6-7 months old. Do you think he is a "real" Mau that came through the shelter...
  7. kkoerner

    Hendrix has a half-stache!

    This is Hendrix. He is available for adoption right now and has the coolest white "spot" I have seen! Besides his mustache, he is solid black. Anyone else have pictures of odd or unique white spots on an otherwise solid cat?
  8. kkoerner

    Calories per ounce in food made with TC Feline?

    If I use 2 pounds boneless/skinless chicken thighs, 2 egg yolks, and 1/4 cup TC Feline "befree" PLUS Chicken liver (USA version).... total weight of a batch is then 40.5 ounces. It says to feed 1/2 cup a day (4.5oz) for most cats.... 3% of Cadbury's weight is about 5oz. I can't find anything...
  9. kkoerner

    What do you think of this article re: pre-ground store bought meat?

    I've read over and over not to use pre-ground meat....then I read this: Thoughts? As a side IS OK to use say, chicken thighs or breasts from the store, instead of a place like haretoday, and grind them at home, right?
  10. kkoerner

    Undercolor in cats?

    So, Cadbury is a chocolate DSH. I used to raise rabbits and worked specifically with chocolates and lilacs (Netherland dwarfs). Chocolate Netherlands have chocolate fur on the outer half of their fur and a dove-grey undercolor. Back to Cadbury. Where his fur parts around his collar almost...
  11. kkoerner

    cat "attacking" youngest child.

    So, I've had Cadbury for 2 months. As he has gained confidence in his new home (he was never one to be shy or scared though), he has decided that my youngest, 4 years, is his to munch on whenever. It started with him stalking and attacking her feet/legs. He would latch on and bite (no skin...
  12. kkoerner


    Hi! I'm new, from Texas. :) I work at an animal shelter and have 1 rabbit (Carter) and 1 cat (Cadbury) at home. I've already posted Cadbury in the fur pics forum! Carter: Cadbury:
  13. kkoerner

    Meet Cadbury

    Adopted him almost 2 months ago now! In direct sunlight (he wasn't riding like this, I just let him out for a minute when I stopped): And just indoor light: Chocoate is my favorite color!! :)