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  1. imaginewizard

    How do we stop our cat returning to our old house?

    I disagree strongly with the idea a cat used to outdoors can't adapt to being indoor only - but I, like most people, am basing this only on the experience of my own cat. I, unlike most people, don't think cats are unchanging in what they're used to, I just think they're creatures of habit, and...
  2. imaginewizard

    Why do my cat likes to the the vent to go to room

    [Among Us Reference] . . . . . But no yeah, echoing everyone above, doesn't sound a safe space for cats to be in unless it's less of a tunnel and just a hole between two walls. Maybe a pic so we all are sure we're on the same page?
  3. imaginewizard

    Cats became disinterested in cat tree and cat bed

    River tends to cycle through favourite sleeping spots. I wouldn't worry, it's likely they'll cycle back to it when they get interested in it again. When I moved back into my current flat, River didn't use his cat bed for pretty much most of the first year back, whereas in the flat I lived prior...
  4. imaginewizard

    Having trouble getting my cat to get used to a collar.

    I disagree a harness is an alternative to a collar - it's generally not encouraged to have a harness on for long periods of unsupervised time (the circumstances on which a cat would wear a collar), as a cat could get themselves stuck in it - unlike most modern collars, by design, harnesses...
  5. imaginewizard

    Disposing of the litterbox waste - what do you do?

    Personally, I use doggy bags to scoop the daily solid waste into, which I deposit into the outdoor bin every day (although I have to put it in a bin liner I hang inside my bin so the waste doesn't become mulchy and stuck to the bottom of the bin) - and then weekly I empty the entire tray into...
  6. imaginewizard

    Cat friendly hotel app or website

    I was going to suggest AirBnB because every time I have travelled with River this is what I have done, but I see your objection RE: escape proof. What exactly do you mean by 'escape proof' in this context?
  7. imaginewizard

    How do you know when it's safe to leave cats out together all of the time/unsupervised?

    Personally, I think it's fine. From what you've said, they're only play fighting, and then getting vocal when it becomes too much. If they were going to hurt each other, my understanding is cats who actually want to fight for real go straight into it, it's rarely an escalation from unwanted...
  8. imaginewizard

    Cat VERY aggressive with nail trims

    I am absolutely pro-trimming a cat's claws, esp if they're indoor only as you're right, they can sometimes grow too much for them in the soft comfort of a house. But I feel declawing is always a no no as it's worse than having uncomfy claws. There's definitely a bunch of steps you can take.
  9. imaginewizard

    Cat and kitten together for 2 months. Still not sure if they’re getting along or not?

    Yep echoing the above but good rule of thumb is if the kitten bounces back to normal and doesn't act fearful as soon as she is let go, it's all good. Had (am having) the exact same thing with my cats, I'm just a month ahead (Lillie is six months and recently spayed, and also the other difference...
  10. imaginewizard

    How do you know when it's safe to leave cats out together all of the time/unsupervised?

    To be honest, if they're only hissing/growling during play (i.e. when physical contact has gotten past one or both of their boundaries for how they feel with each other) but not simply on visual contact, that seems fine to me. Like when they're chasing/fighting, it's not actual fighting (you'd...
  11. imaginewizard

    Scared and Defensive cat

    This sounds more positive than negative! The fact that he's purring in your presence is a good sign, you just need to be patient with him, sometimes cats need time to acclimate to new things, your cat sounds like one of those types. Doing things like you're doing, being in the same room...
  12. imaginewizard

    Hovering Resident Cat

    Oh you didn't misunderstand, he definitely does that too!
  13. imaginewizard

    Hovering Resident Cat

    oh I mean part of his expression of disdain is to leave. That’s why I have to try and make sure he doesn’t see it until the last second… At least once he’s in it he’s fine
  14. imaginewizard

    Hovering Resident Cat

    I wish my cats did this, instead of reacting to the harness with disdain.
  15. imaginewizard

    Thoughts On Cat Backpacks?

    Oh gosh yes sorry I did mean to link to it, and then completely forgot to: It's this one: And I would not worry about it ripping, it is designed for cats and can (well, according to them) support a cat up to 10kg. From handling it, I can't see...
  16. imaginewizard

    Howling, but only a couple of hours mid-day

    Oh I agree clock time is meaningless but that doesn't mean they can't timekeep to some degree.
  17. imaginewizard

    Howling, but only a couple of hours mid-day

    Actually there's been studies that suggest they can tell the time in a routine sense.
  18. imaginewizard

    Travelling Cat.

    Would he be happier out of his carrier or with his carrier open? River (my car) will complain if he’s trapped in his carrier, but if I leave the carrier open, so he can see outside, he’s fine. I have River in a harness and on a leash so he’s restricted as to where in the car he can go (anything...
  19. imaginewizard

    Thoughts On Cat Backpacks?

    This is the backpack carrier I mainly use. It depends on what your cat is comfortable with but this seems better for both of us. as some background, and as you’ll see in the middle images, my older cat (not had much chance to work with it with Lillie) is happy roaming in the vets on his leash...
  20. imaginewizard

    Introducing my new kitten

    Yep echoing the above. This is actually super positive. The main assurances is she immediately bounces back to being playful when she is released (if she was scared she would be fleeing and hiding). Hopefully what you might also note happening as she gets older and bigger is she starts chasing...