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  1. AbbysMom

    If you grew up in a family without much money....

    If you grew up in a family without much money what always felt like a luxury? Getting food from anywhere, going out to eat, McDonalds, take out pizza, etc.
  2. AbbysMom

    Question of the Day Wednesday, June 29th

    Since I'm not awake enough right now to come up with a question, let's go with this. :lol: I'm going out to lunch later today. What would you order if you were coming with me?
  3. AbbysMom

    Benadryl vs Zyrtec

    Does anyone know if Benadryl or Zyrtec are more palatable to a cat? The vet would like Abby to start on one of them today, but she is awful to pill. Thanks.
  4. AbbysMom

    101 Feline Home Hazards

    I found a really good link with a list of hazards in your home by category - 101 Feline Home Hazards - Lincoln Avenue Cat Hospital
  5. AbbysMom

    Question of the Day - Friday, May 27, 2022

    *** Note - This spot is up for grabs. If you'd like to do the Friday Question of the Day every week, please send me a PM *** Today's question is about online activity. How much of life/daily tasks do you do online? This question came to yesterday while I was paying bills online, made a...
  6. AbbysMom

    Ice Cream Cones

    I normally go with a bowl, but if I were to get a cone, it would be 1.
  7. AbbysMom

    This is Us

    Anyone else watching? Last week was a cry fest. I'm guessing tonight will be too. I'm sad to see it go.
  8. AbbysMom

    Ice Cream - take 2

    Since the other ice cream thread is a repeat :lol: here is what a local ice cream place is offering. What would you choose? I'll have the Apple Crisp.
  9. AbbysMom

    Ice Cream

    From this list I would have to choose Cookies and Cream.
  10. AbbysMom

    On the sheep scale...

    3 or 4 for me.
  11. AbbysMom

    What was the first major news story...

    What was the first major news story you remember as a child? Nixon resigning and Ford becoming president.
  12. AbbysMom

    What do you always have the urge to buy more of?

    Candles and wine glasses for sure!
  13. AbbysMom

    You can only purchase one ticket

    Which concert would you go to? Freddie Mercury for me.
  14. AbbysMom

    Which 80's Movie?

    The Breakfast Club for me.
  15. AbbysMom

    Give yourself one point - TV Show version

    1. :flail:
  16. AbbysMom

    Favorite cleaning products?

    I like starting this thread every few years to see if there is anything I am missing out on. :flail: My favorite dusting cloths were discontinued but I am still a magic eraser fan. I feel they are getting flimsier though. They fall apart a lot easier than they used to. My current find...
  17. AbbysMom

    Doesn't every house have .....?

    Doesn't every house have glittery switchplate covers? :lol: When I was growing up I thought every house had glittery switchplate covers. I didn't realize until I was older that most didn't. :lol: They are still in the house and I found this loose one in the cellar that I am going to...
  18. AbbysMom

    Try to explain....

    Try to explain your cat’s name WITHOUT saying it. I got this off of Facebook and there were some great answers but I am still trying to think of one! :lol:
  19. AbbysMom

    What is the nastiest......

    I've got to go with #2, the circus peanuts.
  20. AbbysMom

    Need a Pep Talk?

    Need a pep talk? Call this number to get encouragement from kids I just called and it's really cute. :)