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  1. nanner

    Larry - Such A Delicate Eater

    Well, at least I know he won't barf from eating too fast! :D
  2. nanner

    I now know......

    ........what I've always suspected....that cats have it right. I came back from my early, 4-mile run, thinking how beautiful the morning was in NYC. Not a cloud in the sky, early morning sun shining. When I got into my apartment, since I face east, and I'm high up, I opened all my blinds...
  3. nanner

    A Few Pics of Larry - Just Because .....

    .......I love him and I'm at the office and I'd rather be home. :D Thanks for lookin'! :wavey:
  4. nanner

    Larry Takes Over the T-Shirt Drawer

    I just opened it for a minute, and he climbed right in! :D And I have a perfectly good bed that someone gave me. Does he sleep in it? No. Instead, he prefers..... And, a couple more random shots, just for good measure. :) Thanks for lookin'!
  5. nanner

    Happy Gotcha Day, Larry!

    I can't believe another year has passed. It seems as though Larry has been with me for ages! But it was 5 years ago this shy, black and white bundle of fur came into my life. He's graced me with his feline friendship, and I feel ever-so grateful. He constantly makes me laugh, and he's there...
  6. nanner

    So, Nancy, How Was Your Day?

    I walked to the grocery store this afternoon, got a bunch of stuff, got to the checkout counter, and a guy gets into line behind me. He's on the phone, and he's talking really loudly. Yelling, in fact. "WHAT?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU. SPEAK UP! THEY'VE GOT TWO KINDS! WHICH KIND DO YOU WANT...
  7. nanner

    How Many Times Has This Happened To You?

    You have such an annoying day that you're frustrated and crying and angry and there's no one to make it better, because the people who are causing it are all in some office behind 12 numbers you have to push to get to them and then you hear "We're sorry, all our lines are busy. Please hold on"...
  8. nanner

    Larry and the Mets

    Larry loves this book cover, for some reason. He loves to sleep on it, he stretches and digs his claws into it.... I don't know why, but there you have it! :D
  9. nanner

    Oh, Larry! I'm Working!

    So, I'm working and Larry gets up from his perfectly good spot where he was sleeping, stretches, yawns, stares at me, and walks right over to what I was working on and plopped himself down. Almost like he planned it that way. :D "Yeah, I think you should take a break."
  10. nanner

    Aw, cute!

    I just read today that the singer Katy Perry named her cat Kitty Purry. LOL! I love that! :D
  11. nanner

    Larry Relaxes

    I haven't posted any recent pictures of Larry lately, so here ya go. He really gets into his naps. :D "Did you just take a picture of me?" "At least let me pose properly." Just one more. I love taking pictures of him when he's totally off in kitty-dreamland. :D
  12. nanner

    Larry says, "Oh, what the heck - I'll get them myself"

    I've never posted a video, but I guess there's always a first time. This is Larry getting his own treats. I apologize for the blurriness.... I took it with my point and shoot camera. I'm just surprised it actually worked! :D
  13. nanner

    It's Finally Happened

    Larry thinks I'm another cat. :D The other night I woke up in the middle of the night to Larry - lying above my head, one paw resting gently on my head and licking the top of my head..... like I was another cat and he was giving me a good wash.:rub: He was purring away, just doing his bit to...
  14. nanner

    James Taylor's Cat - Ray Taylor

    Ray Taylor goes fishing! :D Love it!
  15. nanner

    Happy Gotcha Day, Larry!!!

    I'm such a bad meowmy. It was yesterday, 1/6, and it totally slipped by me, with me thinking, "Why does this date mean something to me?" So, a Belated Happy Gotcha Day, Larry!! 4 years ago yesterday, this fluffy, shy, black and white furball came into my life, and now I can't imagine life...
  16. nanner

    You Tube Animals Sing "12 Days of Christmas'

    Okay. Hope I did the embedding right. This guy (klaatu42) is so brilliant with putting voices to animals. He does a Christmas video every year, and I always look forward to it. This definitely doesn't disappoint! Enjoy!
  17. nanner

    Larry says Merry Christmas!!

    "So, you the new guy? You let her dress you up?"
  18. nanner

    Larry and the Clementines

    I bought some teeny-tiny Clementines yesterday.  I have never seen Clementines this small.  They're a little bigger than golf balls.  And very tasty.  I put them in the fruit bowl and they look so nice. As I discovered this morning, Larry thinks they're toys.   I found a couple of them on the...
  19. nanner

    Larry Loves B.G. (Before Grain)!

    I had a little trepidation about changing.  He's been getting Wellness Dry (Complete) for ages.  But I noticed his stool was soft and I started worrying that he was having trouble digesting it.  So I did some research, got B.G. Chicken, and I've been trying to mix it up so it's not too much of a...
  20. nanner

    Happy Birthday, Larry Fluffybutt!

    I don't know if this is really his birthday, since his rescuer said he was "a little over a year" when I got him in January of 2008. So I chose Halloween as his birthday. So, Happy 5th Birthday, you big bundle of purring catness!!!