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  1. magiksgirl

    Comment by 'magiksgirl' in article '12 Authentic Photos That Expose Cats As Aliens (the Last One Will Shock You!)'

    Woooow! So eye-opening (pun intended)! hahahaha 9829.9829   @Columbine Is that Asha, our friendly TCS poltercat!? =O
  2. magiksgirl

    Comment by 'magiksgirl' in article 'Why Do Cats Knead'

    My Grinnie boy loves to knead! He's 19 weeks (4.5 months) old and he's always kneading things like his bed, clothes of me! He's adorable! 982998299829
  3. magiksgirl

    Comment by 'magiksgirl' in article 'How To Take Good Pictures Of Cats'

    I recently got some great pictures of my kittens by taking selfies :D   I put the kitten in my lap and activated the phone's frontal camera so the lens would focus on the kitten. I then tried to get the kittens attention towards themselves projected on the phone's screen and shot away. Got some...
  4. magiksgirl

    Comment by 'magiksgirl' in article 'Moderators, Mentors And Advisors - All About Tcs Roles'

    Wow! This was really helpful! I kept seeing the titles and was wondering what the difference between each was.   Thank you very much! 
  5. magiksgirl

    Comment by 'magiksgirl' in article 'The Mystique Behind Black Cats'

    I always wanted a black cat. I must admit it was because of all the Halloween advertising that I saw them more often and they piqued my curiosity. I ended up liking them because they look so cool and mysterious.   When Gato Grin had a litter, my boyfriend said he wanted a black kitten and a girl...
  6. magiksgirl

    Comment by 'magiksgirl' in article 'Kitten Development Stages - Illustrated Guide'

    I love this post. Unless it's planned (or there already is one and I missed it), I would have also liked to have seen a recommended care or action as the kitten grows. I'm aware each litter and each kitten is different but, for example, recommended time for 1st and 2nd deworming, vaccines...