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  1. Feb-June 2021: "Betsy" & Lola

    Feb-June 2021: "Betsy" & Lola

    What a caffuffal this pair caused! Betsy turned out to be a boy, and showed the vets at the proverbial minute to midnight before he was due to go under to get spayed! 🤦‍♂️ The cuddliest and most peculiar looking cats we've fostered 😅😻
  2. July 2021: Moira McDougal aka the warrior queen

    July 2021: Moira McDougal aka the warrior queen

    Wee Moira (previously named Doug 🤦‍♂️) came to us in a sorry state with plate-like armour (matting) on her butt-end, she is very much enjoying retirement!
  3. August 2021: Magnus & Ivy

    August 2021: Magnus & Ivy

    This adorable duo Magnus (all black) and Ivy (b&w) were just teen-babies when they came to cause havoc! Magnus was a sweet, soft boy who loved to nurse on any t-shirt he could find, regardless of if it was on a person or not! Ivy was the strong, silent and independent type, but equally as snuggly🥰
  4. October 2021: Dusty

    October 2021: Dusty

    This sweet boy was with us just for a couple of days as the owners who relinquished him didn't immediately inform the charity that he is an FIV carrier, and since we have resident kitties we sadly had to find him another foster 😥
  5. December 2021: 'Beena & the Bean

    December 2021: 'Beena & the Bean

    Our current foster who came to us unknowingly pregnant and who gave us a wee Christmas miracle with wee Nutmeg on Christmas Eve! 🥰
  6. November 2021: Myrtle

    November 2021: Myrtle

    Spicy wee semi-feral who had a stop-over for a few weeks before going to live her best life on a farm 🥰
  7. Foster babies

    Foster babies

    Collection of cats fostered over the years🥰 My heart looks like a stampede of kitties has trampled all over it 😻