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    Cat won't eat - despite Cerenia and mirtazapine?

    Quick recap; brought our 15 year old cat with CKD to the ER vet last Monday night due to a tail injury; was only seen the next afternoon but no fractures on x-rays, some inflammation consistent with some type of injury so we were sent home with gabapentin. Had an odd experience with the...
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    Injured tail - limp and straight down

    When I came home on Monday night, something was wrong with my cat - he was in pain and sitting with his butt all high in the hair; on closer inspection, his tail was limp and pointing straight down (like full 90 degrees) and it didn't look like he could move it. Cue the ER visit - they...
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    Need help estimating kitten age for cat memorial

    Our cat passed away last week; we initially adopted her from the humane society/pet store on April 14, 2005. Her date of birth had been marked as being February 13 2005, which would have made her 2 months at the time. We don't think she was actually two months as she seemed too small to have...
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    Older cat - heart disease and CKD

    Hi there, I have a 16-year old female cat domestic shorthair that has heart and now kidney issues. Fair warning LONG... About a year and a half ago (July 2020), she briefly lost function of her hind legs; she was diagnosed with hypertension and advanced heart disease possibly CHF (Nt-proBNP...