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    Leaving cat home alone for several days

    I hire a pet sitter for like $20 a day. They come in, refill the food/water if necessary, scoop the littler box, give the cat attention for 15 minutes and leave. Easy money for them. Peace of mind for you and the cat. It's so easy to "check in" on a cat. You could probably get a neighbor...
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    Dental treatment

    Do you clean the litter box once a day and having clumping litter? If not I'd suggest it. Then it's not about "noticing" how much they pee. You know. 3 clumps. They peed 3 times. Either way I'd still say if they are eating and drinking enough I wouldn't worry about it for like a month. They...
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    Dental treatment

    My cat had 8 pulled and took a good 4-5 weeks to get back to normal eating habits. Had the same thing. One side healing good and other just ok. As long as they are eating their normal amount of food in a day I'd try not to worry. I worried a lot, but eventually she got back to normal. I...
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    Non-prescription appetite stimulants

    Does she like treats. Crunch them up into a poweder and sprinkle on the food.
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    Cat not eating normally more than 2 weeks after teeth extraction

    Hello just wanted to say I really appreciate everyone's advice and I wanted to provide an update. Xia has finally come around and got back to normal. It took a full 5 weeks post surgery. The past 3 days she's inhaled all her meals in one sitting just like before the surgery. My theory is she...
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    Cat not eating normally more than 2 weeks after teeth extraction

    We are over 3 weeks now and closing in on 4 weeks. She's still eating differently. For example yesterday. First scoop of the day in the morning, which normally she'd eat all of in 2 minutes, she took probably 3 hours to eat over 4 or 5 different visits. But, it was gone by the time for the...
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    Cat not eating normally more than 2 weeks after teeth extraction

    Does anyone else have experience with this situation that could provide me some additional advice?
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    Cat not eating normally more than 2 weeks after teeth extraction

    She did not have her canines removed. She had the pre-molars on both sides removed plus one pre molar on the top. I guess what I really want to know from other users is did your cat go back to eating "normally" just they liked they used to by 2-3 weeks after their dental surgery/tooth...
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    Cat not eating normally more than 2 weeks after teeth extraction

    Wow. I appreciate all that information. Yea I don't know if I think there is a pain issue or if it didn't heal right. I mean she's eating her dry food. She's not refusing food outright or behaving differently aside from eating. I guess my main concern is she's just eating at a different...
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    Cat not eating normally more than 2 weeks after teeth extraction

    I brought my cat Xia info for a dental cleaning 2.5 weeks ago. She's only 4 years old yet she needed 8th teeth extracted due to tooth resorption. I couldn't believe it! $1500 later I have a semi toothless cat. For the first few days she ate fairly normally probably because she was hopped on...
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    Claw caps?

    If it's only for 1 or 2 months take her to a groomer, PetSmart/Petco or even the vet and have them trim those suckers. Maybe twice like 3-4 weeks apart. In the end though cats are gonna cat and scratch stuff. Eventually you either need to get them an approved place to scratch and reward them...
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    How to get my cat to let me eat in peace

    I had this problem with my 1 year old cat when I got her. What worked for me was to take a treat and literally toss it to the other side of them room so she goes over there and eats it. Not only does it distract them for a bit but they get a little food and yours gets slightly less appealing...
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    Where do you keep your cat food/dishes?

    One thing I sort of inadvertently taught my cat is the word "food". Whenever I feed her, right before I open the door to get the food out, I look at her and I go "food", "you want food", etc. Over many months I can just yell "food" and she comes running. If I go in the kitchen and don't say...
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    Traumatised cat of carrier

    Put treats in it. That should work for the first few times until she knows every time you put treats in she gets taken somewhere. So once she gets wise to that you can put treats in there a few times a week and let her get them at her leisure. Just put them in there and leave the room. Then...
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    Does anyone else have a difficult cat when it comes to playtime?

    My cat started to play less around the same age. I honestly think it's normal. They are just losing that kitten/teenage cat energy and getting more chill. I still try to play with her every day, bit if she's not feeling it then it's ok. She'll probably zoom around later on her own and I feel...
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    My 2 year old female bengal cat Beans started occasionally pooping outside her clean litterbox

    My cat started pooping outside her litter box about 1.5 years after I got her as well. I tried 3 things at the same time. A bigger litter box, more litter in the litter box, and a new brand of litter that clumped better (arm and hammer clump and seal slide). This stopped the behavior. I'm...
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    Cat Will Not Stop Knocking Over Water Bowls

    I bought a fountain, put it on a mat, pushed thumbtacks in the mat around the outside and put clamps on the top to prevent her from pulling off the lid. Basically made the thing fort knox for cats and the behavior finally stopped. Pics below from another thread. Glue the water bowl to the floor
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    How many treats are too many?

    Just think of it in terms of calories. The rule of thumb for an indoor cat is generally agreed up to be 20 calories per pound to maintain weight. So, if you have a 10 pound cat then 200 calories a day to maintain weight. Treats shouldn't make up more than 10% of their daily caloric intake is...
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    Crave Cat Food Shorage?

    I'm seeing it more online and at physical stores again. So perhaps it was just a temporary shortage. Fingers crossed it's around for a while.
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    Crave Cat Food Shorage?

    It's out where I live too. They even had it at the local grocery chain here, so between that and PetSmart it was readily available. I would say 2-3 months ago I saw it was "reduced to clear" at PetSmart and then it slowly started to dwindle online at chewy, amazon, target, and walmart too. I...