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    Kitten separation anxiety

    Hi, I have a 5.5 months old female kitten who has higher than normal separation anxiety level. She gets very shy and anxious in new situations and environments with new people and expresses it vocally, as well as hide and not eat to the point of starving herself. Is there any way to correct this...
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    Cat returned after 5 months

    Hi, my male cat went missing in early Jan this year and he came back to my house yesterday for the first time but then when I tried to approach him, he ran away. I went after him to search but there was no trace of him Why do you think he ran away? Does he not recognise me? He was standing on...
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    Questions about my kittens

    Hi, I have 6 weeks old kitten who started having diarrhea from solid stool I thought she might have contracted worm so I bought a troy worming syrup for kittens but I just need a clarification as to how to interpret the instruction It says 1ml per kg of body weight given for two consecutive...
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    Newborn kitten disease

    Hi, My female cat gave birth today after 70 days but one of the kitten was born surroumded by foul smelling green stuff with black dirt Does anyone know what this is?
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    Buyer wants a refund

    Hi, I recently adopted out an odd eyed white kitten but the buyer wants a return her saying that she's deaf and I did not state that in my ad. He's taken her for a day and I don't know what condition she was in. Can you please tell me what I should do in this situation?
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    Is my kitten going to be a long haired cat?

    Hi, I recently had a litter of kittens and was wondering if one of my white kitten will be long/medium hair? His coat seemed somewhat longer than his siblings and he was also more affectionate (he's super affectionate, he would lick all over me, my face, my hand my hair whenever he sees me) The...
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    What breed is my white cat?

    Hi, I was wondering what breed of white cat my white cat might be Could she be white russian blue or a khao manee? Just white DSH? Her eyes are unusually big so I had a second thought about thinking her as just DSH Maybe a ragdoll x? As the big size and round shape of her eyes look just like...
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    Mother cat grieving kitten

    Hi, I recently rehomed one of kitten from litter of 5. But then last night my mom cat started searching for her missing kitten. She was meowing and making other calls and going in and out of rooms to search her missing baby and after finding out that ine of her kitten is missing, she won't even...
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    Cat loving dirty places

    Hi, I have a year old male cat who just loves exploring. He is very adventurous and wild so he goes out alot. But the thing is recently I discovered him turning up home with greasy fume all over his body. Even at home he loves to go on top of kitchen cupboards and lie or roll where lot of dusts...
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    New kitten questions

    Hi, I discovered that my female cat is well into her pregnancy because I discovered the kitten bump burging on her sides. Calculating back from her last heat I'd say shes around 7 weeks into her pregnancy But what I am concerned about is the fact that she wasnt fleaed or wormed since her last...
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    do pregnant cat display personality of unborn kitten

    Hi, I think my cat is around 5-6 week pregnant. But since she got pregnant I think she got more active. She used to be very quiet, calm and chill but now she's running around crazy and even jumps like the male cat she mated with (he jumps really high and is a very active cat) So I'm wondering...
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    what coat kitten have if white cat x tabby

    Hi, I have a full white female cat (with strands of black hair) who seem to have mated with my male tabby who looks kind of bengal (by that i mean hes skinny and muscly) The reason why I thinl she's pregnant is because her nipples seem pinked up I just want to know what coat color combinations...
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    cat sleeping position

    I have a 8months kitten who sleep in this position alot I just want to know if there is specific reason why he prefers to sleep in this twisted position
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    feline conjunctivitis possible outcome

    Hi, My cat started developing pink eye on one of her eye around three days ago I gave her antibiotic and shes started to recover almost fully now but I still am concerned because her right eye still looks somewhat murky and cornea is bit smaller in size as you can see from the photo What Im...
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    Is my cat ok

    Hi, I have a female white cat whos 14montys old now She's been rescued from a backyard and hasnt been desexed But I'm concerned about her health as she seem to be lying down flat like this (see picture) or loafing in this posture most of the time I was curious as to why she might have her...
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    Help: cat stool not hardening

    Hi, I've been having this problem for quite a while now My 4 months old kittens stool won't harden It always go from complete liquid stool on a day to really soft slushy stool on the another day but never is hardened stool like its suppose to be Also he poops way too frequently like 3-4 times...
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    Breeding full white cat

    Hi I have a full white healthy dsh female cat. She was a rescue cat so I am not sure what her breed is but she is white from top to bottom except for few sparse strand of black hair on her head which is not visible unless you're very close. I'm just wondering what her babies would look like if...
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    Is my stray cat pregnant

    I found a stray cat in my backyard yesterday morning. I found her hiding in the bush. When I left out some canned cat food for her she came and ate and retreat back into the bush. While she came to eat I had a chance to have a look at ger belly which seemed quite abnormal. I found the surface of...
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    Cat who shows no sign of heat

    I have a 1 year old female cat I adoted in December last year. She's a Russian blue x DSH and basically looks like a tux with blue coat But I am so worried about her because even though she's 1 year now she hasn't shown any signs of heat until now. She's skinny and rarely gain on weight and seem...