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    Chinchilla breed

    Hello. Can you please help if he is chinchilla kitten. I dont have any idea about this breed. Maybe you can help. Thanks!
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    Is she a ragdoll or himalayan?

    My friend adopted a cat and seems like a ragdoll not a himalayan cat. Can you help please. Thank you
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    What is the breed of my cat?

    hello, I recently adopted a cat. she is about 7 months old. Can someone help me please to identify what is her breed? Thank you so much! happy holidays!
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    What type of ragdoll do i have?

    hello guys, I recently adopted a kitten ragdoll, 3month old. I just want to know what type of ragdoll is he, I attached the picture below. Thank you in advance for your help!
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    Help! Is my cat a Ragdoll ?

    Hello. I am new here. A few months ago, someone abandoned a cat . She is about 4 to 5 years old, weighing 5 to 6kg. Can someone hep me to determine what breed is she? Thank you so much.