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    Biting my nose

    My 1yr old spayed female Domestic cat likes to lick the end of my nose & then bites it quite hard. I'd like to know why she has to bite it too. It really hurts & makes me not want her around my face. I enjoy our bonding sessions since she seems to enjoy it & purrs ever so loudly while looking...
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    Blackhaired-blue eyed cat

    I am just being a curious cat-lover/ owner for many years, but was wondering why no one has been able to produce a totally black cat with blue eyes. I think that combo would be gorgous. I have never seen one. Anyone else ever see one? Is it impossible?
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    Ideal weight for 6 month old kitten

    I have an indoor spayed female DSH 6 months old. I feed her Iams kitten chow. I was leaving 2 bowls full for her to nibble on throughout the day. I started noticing her stomach was getting rounder & that flabby pouch flopping around when she runs. I weighed her 2 months ago & she weighed 4 lbs...