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  1. catbehaviors

    "Old" Members

    I'm late to the party, but just saw this post and wanted to say hi to everyone! I see a lot of familiar names! I check in on the site every once in a while, but a lot has changed and I very rarely post. I was young when I joined, and learned so much about cat care from this forum. Now I co-own a...
  2. catbehaviors

    All things Books and Reading thread - 2017

    That's a good book. :) I just finished Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux. It was an interesting story and I enjoyed reading it, but I don't think it will go down as one of my favorites. Now I'm starting The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck. I haven't read enough to have a real opinion on it yet...
  3. catbehaviors

    Comment by 'catbehaviors' in article '7 Stunning Cat Rings That Will Make You Go "meow!"'

    The engraved titanium band is pretty nice. But then again, the cat ear adjustable ring is nice, too... Let's go with my first choice. :)
  4. catbehaviors

    Giveaway: FREE 4 packets of delicious Inaba Ciao cat treats for 3 members!

    ENTRY The short of it is, Wessie loves trying new foods, and I bet he would be thrilled to taste test these delectable and interesting squeeze treats. Plus, I'm with Donutte- tubular food is intriguing!
  5. catbehaviors

    Hiking with Makena

    Thank you for sharing those photos of Makena! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about (and viewing) his adventure. It reminds me so much of my walks through the woods with Wessie, though most of the time we don't use a leash, since the forest is essentially our yard. You are right, going hiking with...
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    Cats Up Close - February 2016 Picture Of The Month

    Hello everyone! Here is my submission: Wessie enjoying the warmer weather outside.
  7. Wessie close-up.jpg

    Wessie close-up.jpg

  8. catbehaviors

    Giveaway: FREE Eco-Friendly Food & Water Dishes!

    ENTRY Neat food bowls!
  9. catbehaviors

    How Luna, Midnight & Stella celebrated New Years Eve!

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but Happy New Year Marie, Luna, Midnight, and Stella! I hope you all have wonderful experiences in 2016! 
  10. catbehaviors

    Babble Away! A Babbling Contest With Prizes!!

    Thanks everybody! @kntrygrl256  Forest is actually a girl. :) You should post some photos of Felix aka. Forrest!
  11. catbehaviors

    Babble Away! A Babbling Contest With Prizes!!

    Exciting! I enjoyed reading (and occasionally posting in) the last babbling thread, and am looking forward to seeing y'all stepping up your game and making it to 1500 this time! Now I'd better add some content and make this post more interesting. I don't think I ever posted anything about my...
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    Picture of the Month: Cats Having Fun (With prizes!)

    Wessie seems to think that eating treats is really fun.
  13. Wessie eating treat.jpg

    Wessie eating treat.jpg

  14. catbehaviors

    Taking Makena for a walk

    I enjoyed reading the story and viewing the photos of you and Makena's hike through the woods. It looked like a lot of fun. To answer your question about if others on this forum hike with their cats, I do! I live in the middle of the woods on 10 acres, and often go on excursions through the...
  15. catbehaviors

    Happy Thankgiving!,,

    Happy Thanksgiving Karen, and everyone else! I hope you all have a fun day. :)
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    Daily Question of the day! ;) 11/12/14 #WhiskersWednesday ... ;)

    Hi CoolCat. I think today I'll drop in and leave my answers. 1.- Salty or sweet?.. I'm going to go with sweet. 2.- How many keys on your key ring? Four. 3.- Favorite day of the week? Monday, or really any day that I'm going to be doing something exciting. :P 4.- How many towns have you lived...
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    I won a TCS bag in the review competition!!! :-D

    Congratulations MServant! I've always really liked that design. I remember it from the 2012 design contest when SillyJilly made it, and think it would make a really cool mug. It was awesome of her to add the word Wessah (which is Cherokee for cat, and also my cat's name). It's neat that Mouse...
  18. catbehaviors

    Contest - Northwoods Seasoning

    Congratulations Draco! Enjoy your new seasoning! :)