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  1. milosmom123

    I had to put my fur baby down today and need help

    I'm dying  I had to put Milo down there was nothing the vet could do they said it was good that his health went down quickly  so he wouldn't be in pain but its killing me inside i stayed there with him and when he stopped breathing the dam in my eyes broke i cant take the pain i need my baby boy...
  2. milosmom123

    my cat pees outside of litter box like he doesnt even know he did it

    Milo pees out side of litter box while hes standing inside of it i cant get him a taller or covered box because of his leg but what can i do I'm worried about my baby boy can anyone help
  3. milosmom123

    please help my fur baby

    MilosMom123 May 1, 2014 at 8:41 pm i took Milo to the vet  today and i got bad news ... he tested positive for feline leukemia  do you think this is a death sentence or is there a good chance he will pull through and live for a long time i don't know what i would do with out Milo he is my baby...
  4. milosmom123

    please help cat sick

    Milo is sick and I'm on a limited income of 700 a month and i would like to know if there is any way that i can make him better with out going to the vet i made appointment but is there anything I can do here is whats wrong eyes have gunk not eating that much cries when he pees sleeps all...
  5. milosmom123

    I'm wanting to feed Milo a raw diet but don't know where to start

    I'm wanting to feed my cat a raw diet and am confused is it safe what should i feed him and how i get a lot of chicken from the food pantry and don't know how to cook chicken so i thought i could give it to Milo but how and do i need to give him anything else could some one give me ideas on what...
  6. milosmom123

    scared sad or is something really wrong

    poor Milo got fixed around 3weeks ago and is just now starting to be his self again but still very tired and toninght he peed on the bed and cried when i picked him up it seems that now he cries when i pick him up am I hurting him also when he peed it was like he didn't know he wasn't in his...
  7. milosmom123

    Milo sleepy after neutering

    i just got Milo neutrered  and i'm worried he does nothing but sleep now and he wont meow unless i pick him up is this normal i'm worried he may be depressed or is it to soon to tell he was fixed on Monday now its Tuesday please tell me Milo will be back to his same self soon minus the feet bitting
  8. milosmom123

    help I just feed my cat baby food with onions in it !!!! please help

    I have a stray cat that i brought into my home and he will eat his cat food and then go a whole 2 days without wanting to eat so i will give him milk and baby food but i was in a hurry today and by mistake gave him baby  food with onions in it will he be okay please let me know i love my fur...