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  1. mnm

    Does Cerenia need weaning?

    Molly has mild pancreatitis and her flare up ceased so vet said we can stop the cerenia to see how she does but didn’t mention weaning her off . We use the transdermal cream on her ear if that makes a difference . Anyone else have experience with stopping cerenia? Thanks!
  2. mnm

    Keep plants out of reach

    Watch out for toxic plants! I actually thought Molly had a bad batch of food as she wasn’t herself..not interested in her food… so threw her food out …then noticed her new bag had a formula change! She had diarrhea and threw up once every morning !So we searched for the old formula and found one...
  3. mnm

    Food formula change

    Wanna run this by y’all and ask for input . Molly, (12), was eating great .. very healthy but after opening a new bag she wasn’t herself… nibbling here and there .. a throw up once every few mornings … then could tell she was laying around on my lap not feeling herself so was planning a vet...
  4. mnm

    Decorative Or Covered Litter Box Questions

    Hi y’all, We are downsizing and Molly is used to going in a storage cabinet in our utility room where I took off a door and stuck her litter box but that’s not an option in the new house. Anyone use creative litter box hiding techniques that their kitty has a good experience with? The previous...
  5. mnm

    Flea Prevention Question

    We may be moving to a home with a screened in porch and I would love to let Molly go out there. We have never used any flea prevention before since she’s only indoors plus we are in Arizona with an all stone landscape. Would you treat her automatically?
  6. mnm

    Quick Heat Question

    Update: (a friend came to ck it out and it went on!Hopefully it will hold us over til repair guy comes tomorrow!) our a/c broke so would it be more stressful on Molly to just leave her in the house with fans or take her with us to my in laws house for s night. Molly prolly will be stressed...
  7. mnm

    Anyone’s Kitty Snub Different Batches Of The Same Food?

    Can this be possible? Molly will eat just fine then BAM! Sniff and walk. We had two different exp dates on her canned food and she ate the one batch just fine but snubbed the other... the one she snubbed was even several months “ newer” than the one she gobbled. We took the cans back and got a...
  8. mnm

    Kitty Sitter Advice

    We have had Molly for almost a year. She is 9. She has adjusted perfectly with us... independent yet requests lap time and brushings. Do any of you have cats that are attached and sweet to you but aren’t predictable around strangers and if so what is the protocol of instructions you give the...
  9. mnm

    Mom Visiting.... Cat Not Happy

    Molly is 8 and we’ve had her for 6 months. She has adjusted well thus far. My mom came to visit us ( will be staying for 3 months) and Molly was fine at first introduction but next morning Mom came into living room alone and Molly was taken by surprise I guess. Molly growled and hissed. She...
  10. mnm

    anybody's kitty on Atopica?

    Hey y'all, I've been on and off of this forum for several years and pulled up a few old topics on the subject of atopica, but Mikki just got back from a dermatologist (wish I could spend $300 on myself at a dermatologist haha), but she was perscribed Atopica for her back scabs for environmental...
  11. mnm

    doh! What was I thinkin?

    We have some fish oil for cats that I "tried" to put in Mikki's food but she has nothing to do with it. I figured..well, somehow I want to use this stuff, so I'll just massage it in her coat. OMG, poor baby...she was cleaning herself all day as she really REALLY stinks like fish LOL. I wiped...
  12. mnm

    cat loves this scratch pad to lay on

    My son sent me this for Mikki as his kitty loves his...he ended up getting a much bigger one since his cat spends so much time trying to lay on it :) I may too!
  13. mnm

    rubbing fish oil on cat's coat?

    We have some allerg-3 omega 3 oil and Mikki walks away from her food if we put even the tiniest drop in it grrrrr She has some skin scabs that she licks open...usually about 2 of them at a time...then they heal..then another may pop up. I'm beginning to think it may be just dry skin here in...
  14. mnm

    Life Gold

    I saw a couple old posts on Life Gold (cancer support) but nothing helpful. Has anyone used it? Mikki has a soft tissue sarcoma on her lower leg, in which the vet was able to get the tumor removed, but margins were not cancer free... fortunately it is non aggressive and slow growing, thus we are...
  15. mnm

    biopsy done, 14 days of no jumping? Cone recommendations?

    Got Mikki to the vet today for her biopsy. The doctor said he would do the biopsy early afternoon so I left Mikki there and they called me when she was done. What was supposed to be a piece of biopsy ended up being the WHOLE TUMOR! The doc said there were enough margins around all sides except...
  16. mnm

    getting cat in carrier and vet visit...

    I will be taking Mikki in for a biopsy on her possible sarcoma lump on her lower leg on Thursday morning. Does anyone else get so stressed at the fact of loading up their furbaby when they hate the car ride and you feel so bad when you can't convey to them it's to help them? Hubby is a...
  17. mnm

    sarcoma....your thoughts please

    I'm pretty devastated as it's only been 6 months since losing Minnie... now her littermate/sister Mikki most likely has sarcoma. She has a firm bump on her lower leg and we took her to the vet today. Just by feel, the vet felt pretty confident that's what it is, then they tried to do a needle...
  18. mnm

    let's just "paws" for a minute

    Mikki Minnie (r.i.p.)
  19. mnm

    unexpected tears today!

    Today marks 5 months and a week without Minnie. We still have her littermate/ sister Mikki. I posted elsewhere that a rescue site posted 2 lil kittens up for adoption...Mickey and Minni! So of course I was drawn to them, especially since they both looked like my Minnie and shared our kitties'...