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  1. angelsmom1988

    Fleas are Gone, But Cat Not Completely Normal

    My kitten Peaches is now a full grown cat. She recently moved with us to Florida. Formerly, an 100% indoor cat, she now has a wonderful screened catio so that she can enjoy Florida life to the fullest. Well, the inevitable happened before we knew it! She brought fleas into the house and they...
  2. angelsmom1988

    Cat Not Eating Or Using Litter Box

    We have house guests that brought their dog with them. The dog hates all cats. My husband says that we have to welcome our guests regardless of how the dog reacts to our cat, Peaches aged 11 months. Peaches has not eaten or used the litter box for 48 hours, except for 2 meat stick treats...
  3. angelsmom1988

    Hyperthyroid Cat and her Litter Box Behavior

    My cat was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  Prior to the diagnosis, she was avoiding her box by peeing on bathmats and only using her box for pooping.  Currently, she has been on her meds for over 30 days and is showing overall improvement  (decreased hunger and thirst, decrease in...
  4. angelsmom1988

    Dark Discharge from My Cat's Eyes

    In the last few days, my snow white cat has had a dark discharge coming out of the corners of her eyes.  Having a white cat, I immediately noticed that this is not her normal condition.  I have a vet appointment set for her, but can anyone help me be prepared for what the diagnosis may be? I...
  5. angelsmom1988

    What Are Causes of a Cat Suddenly Throwing Up?

    In the past couple of days, I have found 6 places where my cat has thrown up.  She is a long hair and we see an occasional hair ball, but this is moist and thin.  Other than this she appears healthy with good appetite and thirst  and normal levels of activity and sleep.  What should I investigate?
  6. angelsmom1988

    My Cat Wants Breakfast in the Middle of the Night

    My intended feeding schedule for Angel, my 8-year old female cat, is a morning feeding at 7:30 am and an evening feeding at 5:30 pm.  This worked for about five years until about 12 months ago.  Normally, she would climb into bed with me in the middle of the night, wait on me to awaken, and...
  7. angelsmom1988

    Do You Have a "no-track" Mat Under Your Litter Box

    My cat has very furry paws and tracks litter everywhere.  I am considering placing one of the mats under her litter box that is supposed to remove the litter that stick to paws as she walks away from the box. By the way, My cat is around eight years old. Do they work? Would an older cat be...