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  1. inkysmom

    Already Have A Male 7 Months Cat Neutored

    I've had long neutered males try to mount/hump both males and females, both for dominance and for fun. Neutered animals still feel all the pleasure that non neutered animals do, there's just no risk of pregnancy. I've had cats, dogs and horses for decades and definitely have heard that neutered...
  2. inkysmom

    Is My New Cat Harvey Weinstein??

    My cats were definitely humping lol. IIalso saw parts of them I never saw before or really wanted to see lol despite them being neutered. I know what fighting and play fighting looks like, quite different. Unfortunately I know only too well what true humping looks like, my large dog used to...
  3. inkysmom

    Cat's A Grazer, Kitten's A Foodie!

    Thanks, that's good to know about. Do those feeders work for canned food? And connect to the microchips the cats already have? Do you mind me asking how much they are price range? He only scarfs down canned food. I was all pathetically happy when I was out all day yesterday and opened my...
  4. inkysmom

    Cat's A Grazer, Kitten's A Foodie!

    Thanks I might have to look into those. I've seen puzzle feeders for dogs I've watched. He doesn't scarf down dry food only canned food. He eats both his and the adult cat's can in less than an hour. The dry food sits out all day and of course both of them eat the kitten food. He turns one...
  5. inkysmom

    Cat's A Grazer, Kitten's A Foodie!

    I've had a new kitten since April. He's almost a year old so then I'll stop giving him kitten food in a few weeks and let him eat what my adult cat eats. My adult cat is allergic to everything and I only give him anything after I read the labels and see there's nothing in the food that he's...
  6. inkysmom

    Separating Cats - Requesting Advice

    I recently took in a kitten just for my 8.5 year old cat who was really grieving his 14 year old cat brother who died march 26. I took in a 9.5 month old male neutered kitten at the end of April. I kept the kitten locked in my bathroom for a good month or more with s few short visits a day or...
  7. inkysmom

    Any Suggestion How To Change My Cat’s Mind?

    Try getting a kitty condo. Mine like to curl up in there.
  8. inkysmom

    Is My New Cat Harvey Weinstein??

    I've had a couple of neutered males who were neutered at 5 and 6 months respectively, so at appropriate ages and had never sprayed. One of them tried to hump my large dog when he was 14. They both tried to hump each other and other cats, both male and female, periodically, over the years...
  9. inkysmom

    I Made A Monster

    Catnip is safe. Feathers they can eat and get a blockage do only let her play with those toys when you're there and supervising her closely. She should have kitten food, even if it's meow mix or cat Chow for the first year because it has extra nutrients kittens need to grow properly. O just...
  10. inkysmom

    New 9 Months Old Kitten And I Can't Think Of A Name!

    He keeps telling me he likes Smoky lol. I kept saying Stormy and Smoky to him. Every time I said Stormy he'd either actually shake his head NO, ignore me, or actually go away and go hide in the bathtub. I was thinking of Sea Storm or Stormy Sea for an official name on vet records and pet...
  11. inkysmom

    Attacked By Outside Cat

    I mentioned a long time ago that Meffy might have been injured more seriously than you knew which will make her worse until she feels better after she's seen and treated by a good vet The only other thing is to go everywhere right outside and eliminate all cat odors she goes.
  12. inkysmom

    New 9 Months Old Kitten And I Can't Think Of A Name!

    Lol I've been alternating between Stormy and Smoky. Once he flat out shook his head no when I said do you like Stormy? Lol. Later he did the same thing when I asked about Smoky. He has the most peaceful easygoing personality I've ever seen. Purrs, wants love, freezes and backs away and looks...
  13. inkysmom

    Do You Think Cats Know When They Are Going To Die?

    They know. I've lost many beloved animals. Many get more clingy and loving the weeks before like they know it's their last time to cherish with us. Some have isolated towards the end. Usually by the time they actually died, I have such a string bond I can literally read their minds and feel...
  14. inkysmom

    New 9 Months Old Kitten And I Can't Think Of A Name!

    I adopted a nine month old kitten from a rescue a few days ago. I've never had a gray cat before. He's very affectionate and sweet. But not yet a fan of laps or being picked up. He was trapped with his brother and sister on the street in early April, neutered and vaccinated and they cut the...
  15. inkysmom

    I Made A Monster

    It sounds like she loves you and is really bonded to you. When cats and kittens sleep on you that means they want to be close to you. The knocking stuff off things is normal cat and kitten behavior. So is the moodiness and sometimes not wanting anything to do with you and something being very...
  16. inkysmom

    I Made A Monster

    I have a young cat now who was born feral so never lived inside with people. He was trapped with his brother and sister and they were adopted first and he got very lonely so I took him. I have him in a small room until my cat likes him and he's not afraid of my dog. Every day I go and sit with...
  17. inkysmom

    I Made A Monster

    You're doing fine. I've had many cats for decades and had very strong bonds with all of them for their entire lives. None of them ever hated or feared me but we're all very close and loving with me and trusted me completely. Sometimes I got irritated and yelled at them. Sometimes I would give...
  18. inkysmom

    How To Describe This Cat's Color

    Looks like a cream tabby to me. I've had two. One was a stray that I found and took on at age four and a half. He had beautiful blue eyes. I read that cats with blue eyes are actually albino, so maybe he was an albino orange tabby. Very pale. Gorgeous. I wonder if that means Siamese are albinos...
  19. inkysmom

    Let See Some Beautiful Fur Coats!

    This is Ruby, short for Aruba where I found him.