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  1. Etarre

    New Cat Terror

    If redoing introductions doesn't work, there are some great episodes of Jackson Galaxy's show with tips for this kind of conflict. Building up the scaredy cat's confidence through play, draining the dominant cat's energy through play, creating better traffic flow in spaces that seem to cause...
  2. Etarre

    Introduction Success! Thank You!

    Congrats, and thanks for sharing your success story, and the adorable pic of your kitties.
  3. Etarre

    How Long Do You Play With Your Cat?

    I spend 10 minutes every morning before work playing with Juniper if she's in the mood-- half the time, she's distracted by something that's going on outside the window and doesn't take me up on the offer. Then again after dinner, I'll get out the cat charmer or cat dancer if she asks me to...
  4. Etarre

    About Those Litterboxes...

    We could never convince Juniper that a covered litter box wasn't a nefarious death trap. Oh well. If taking the top off the litter box doesn't work and you do need to replace the litter mat, do you need both something waterproof under the box and something that will help clean litter off cat...
  5. Etarre

    Senior Cat Yowling And Erratic Eating, Advice Please

    My first cat started some similar behaviors when she turned about 13-- definitely late night yowling, a huge interest in food, more energy (but mostly to ask for more food), and some peeing in inappropriate places. Turns out that she was hyperthyroid, so if you're able to get that checked, it's...
  6. Etarre


    I think you're right and it's probably stress, due to a change in her routine. But just wanted to say that overgrooming can also be a sign of a food allergy, so if her food has changed at all, you might want to be aware.
  7. Etarre

    Two Bengals Hate Each Other ...

    You're going above and beyond for these cats, and doing your best, and that's a wonderful thing. It's clear that they've made some improvement, due to all your efforts, and I think that's a good sign for the future. There are quite a few episodes of Jackson Galaxy's show My Cat From Hell that...
  8. Etarre

    Finding The Right Fit In A Second Kitten

    Aw, what an adorable little tortie! I've never had two cats at once, but I can confirm that kitten personalities can be misleading. I got my first cat, Gwen, as a kitten, and she was rambunctious and a handful, and very energetic. As she got older, she became very shy around strangers, to the...
  9. Etarre

    Shy And Untrusting Cat: Help Please!

    Luci sounds much more comfortable in your apartment than Juniper was in the same amount of time, so I'm guessing it'll go faster for you two. Does Luci let you approach her while she's in one of the cave-like spaces she's picked as hers? Juniper used to nap behind an unused a/c unit that we...
  10. Etarre

    Can I Encourage My Cat To Puuuurrrr Louder?

    Juniper is also a very quiet purrer, and a small cat. I can tell she's purring by looking at the rhythm of her breathing. It's kind of syncopated, and her side rises and falls more quickly even though she looks very relaxed. We've had her for about two years, and she's about two and a half...
  11. Etarre

    Shy And Untrusting Cat: Help Please!

    It can take quite awhile for more timid or skittish cats to warm up and feel comfortable. But it's not necessarily about you. Remember that cats are territorial animals and they feel most secure when they are familiar with their environment. Although your apartment may seem small to you, it...
  12. Etarre

    New Kitten Owner That Needs Advice.

    It could help to pet him when he's sleepy after playtime. If he's feeling energetic and eager to play, then it'll be more tempting for him to bit your fingers and see your hands as a toy. If he's tired out and sleepy, he's more likely to understand that you're not playing, and it'll mimic his...
  13. Etarre

    New Cat Owner Help!

    Aw, she's so cute! Sorry she's driving you nuts, though...she does sound like a handful. It sounds like you're already following most common advice about what to do to tire a cat out. There are some good discussions on here and TV episodes about more active cat breeds, like Bengals, that...
  14. Etarre

    For Anyone Struggling With Introductions... It Can Get Better!

    Congrats, and thanks for the update. It's nice to have a positive experience for folks to find when they are searching for help with introductions.
  15. Etarre

    New Cat Questions

    It sounds like you're doing just fine with Homer. I think he just needs time to adjust to his new environment, which includes you, but also includes your living space and all the new noises and routines. This takes quite some time for some cats. We adopted Juniper, who was quite skittish...
  16. Etarre

    Contest September 2019 Picture Of The Month: Cat Bellies!

    Entry: Juniper definitely NOT asking for a belly rub.
  17. Etarre

    Need Help With 10 Week Kitten

    If he prefers enclosed spaces, getting a litter box with a cover could be a great idea, too....
  18. Etarre

    Is My Cat Afraid Or It's Just His Personality?

    My first cat was not a fan of most cat toys. The only ones she would play with were the cat dancer and her laser pointer. But she loved to steal my hair rubber bands and chase them around. Same with the little plastic rings that come off milk containers. She also ignored her cat tree...
  19. Etarre

    Kitten Behavioral Changes After Vet Visit!

    Aw, thanks for sharing pics of Minky. I have a particular fondness for gray kitties. :D To some extent, I think all cats cycle between independence and cuddliness, and I'm sure you'll be back to kitten snuggles soon.
  20. Etarre

    Help With Kitten Behavior

    Do you have any bugs or moths in your house? Sometimes when Juniper appears to be chasing nothing at all, it turns out to be a tiny moth that's almost invisible to us humans. She also likes to sit in the kitchen and stalk the oven. While I'd almost prefer to think that she's just being...