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  1. darkxfire

    Ear Infection Or Just Wax?

    My cat has had brown dirty ears for a long time in one ear and never seemed to ever bother her. It comes back quick after I clean it. Recently, I started cleaning it out more and took her to the vet that confirmed it wasnt mites. I used olive oil, and it was still there. He still gave me...
  2. darkxfire

    Where can I get ketoprofen?

    I cant seem to find places that sell it online. I found a local vet dispensary near me that sells meloxicam but I believe it has more side effects. Only reason I would get it is if I cat had a minor pain to be used once in a while for a day or two. My cat tends to hurt himself a lot and most...
  3. darkxfire

    Indoor/outdoor cat hates using litterbox?

    I havent seen him use a litter box in a while. He seemed to be more comfortable with it before, but now hates it. He wants to do his buisness outside, but I am trying to keep him from going outside. I tried using the two different types of litter, clumping, and large clay, and he refuses to use...
  4. darkxfire

    Is special cat food needed after a bladder infection?

    My vet gave me hills c/d urinary care after my cat had a respiritory and bladder infection. I ran out a while back and I bought him a big bag which ended up costing over $100. Currently my insurance covers 50% for him, but im wondering if its really necessary, as it seems even these brands like...
  5. darkxfire

    Cat in pain after neutering recently

    I've had this cat for almost a year and half. He was an abandoned neighbourhood cat. I got him his shots last year, and his neuter and chip done two days ago. My cat has been in a lot of fights before and has had abcesses, uri, and uti infection, and other painful experiances. He spends a lot of...
  6. darkxfire

    Cat skin redness where flea medication is applied

    I've used the same flea medication with success many times. Generic frontline plus. For some reason this time, I noticed my cats hair and skin looks a little different. Some of my family members say they've seen her scratch the area. I've never had this problem before, could it be the medication...
  7. darkxfire

    Cat has trouble coughing up hairball

    I started noticing it today in one of my cats that spends much of his time outdoors. It looks like he tried many times unsuccessfully. I ended up giving him 1 tablespoon or more of coconut hoping it will help. Anyone have experience with this?
  8. darkxfire

    Cat Abcess Coming Back After Being Treated???

    He was taken two weeks ago because he had a large one under his neck two weeks ago that was causing him a lot of pain. It was drained, and I was given amoxcillin with clavulanate potassium for two weeks. It started to grow back again. It was left open and he kept scratching the area. I took him...
  9. darkxfire

    Conventional dewormers vs diamatacous earth?

    Is anyone better than the other? Last time I took my cat for shots, vet wanted to sel me millbemax for $20 a tablet. He said something like diatomaceous earth doesn't work for roundworms, or tapeworms. Anyways, I had a 20kg bag of the food grade stuff I bought last summer for $30, and I still...
  10. darkxfire

    Cat in so much pain after developing abcess

    Our cat spends much of his time outdoors. He had a bite wound on his leg he was being treated for, and now has a huge lump on his neck area. It first it wasnt causing much pain, now it seems he can hardly move because of it. He doesnt even want us to pet him. I have an appointment on tuesday...
  11. darkxfire

    Swollen bump under jaw

    I have a cat and I just noticed swelling under his jaw. Doesnt seem to be injured but its strange. He is still being treated for a bite wound on his leg, with antibiotics, which has mostly cleared. Is this anything of concern?
  12. darkxfire

    Eye Culture Test?

    Is this a good option for a cat with chronic pink eye?
  13. darkxfire

    Cleaning up cat wound on leg

    I adopted an abandoned cat late last year, and he is up to date on his vaccines. On friday I noticed redness near his leg and a tiny wound around it. It had a small amount of discharge, but the bite and inflammation is about 1 inch long by 1/4 thick. I didnt notice much discharge from the wound...
  14. darkxfire

    Is polysporin safe to use on minor cat wounds?

    My cat came home with a minor wound and swelling on his leg. I didnt notice it until today. I bought him the original polysporin with 2 antibiotics. I've read some vet sites saying polymxycin B is deadly to cats, when we use it in my other cats vet eye ointment. What are your thoughts? Should I...
  15. darkxfire

    Can polysporin or neosporin triple antibiotic ointment be used on eyes?

    In canada, we dont have neosporin. We have a polysporin triple formula for wounds, and another eye drop formula with Polymyxin B, and Gramicidin. Seems to be similar to BNP, but the triple formula says to avoid contact with eyes http://www.polysporin.ca/products/antibiotic-eye-drops...
  16. darkxfire

    Does a cats eye have some natural redness?

    I have two cats. One was a stray we adopted, the other given to me and a house cat. My house cat has had stubborn pink eye for weeks, and im still treating her. My other one started to show mild signs a week ago from her, but we started segregating them more. I give my outdoor cat honey drops...
  17. darkxfire

    Cat still has pink eye after 5 weeks!

    Last month I took in my cat because I woke up and noticed one of her eyes is swollen and inflamed with a bunch of discharge. I took her to the vet, he did a florescent color patch test, and found no wounds. He prescribed me avanticlav(amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium), and Tobermycin drops...