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    How Do I Quote From Someone's Post?

    I have never done so before, so I am not sure how it is done. Thanks in advance.
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    Velcro, We Still Miss You- A Long Post

    Halloween is big on our street, and I was putting up decorations when I heard meowing. There was a cat's head poking from our neighbor's hedge, but as soon as it saw me, the cat disappeared. It showed up again several times in the following days, but always ran off again. Finally, we started...
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    Crossing The Bridge Appropriate?

    We lost a cat to cancer. This happened about 9 years ago, long before TCS was on our radar. Should I put the story on Crossing the Bridge, or is another forum more appropriate?
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    Feral Cats-- Any Ideas As To Breed (s)?

    Burdock is just one of our feral cats, and I was wondering what his ancestry might be. He is big- 17 pounds @ his last vet visit, with a head the size of a grapefruit but he isn'the fat- just big. I have never had a store-bought cat- all stray/abandoned or feral, so I am asking someone who might...
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    Newbie Here

    My wife and I have 5 feral cats that we adopted. All are spayed/neutered, and all are now indoor only. Burdock, a black/grey Tabby, is 6, Prancer, an orange/yellow tiger, is 5, Digger, a part- Bengal, Stretch and Bashful, both orange/ yellow Tigers, are 4. The best part is, we did not have to...