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  1. pami

    Simon's Cat in 'Santa Claws' LOL!

    LOLOL I love that bad little kitty LOL
  2. pami

    Questions about class action lawsuits (warning...long post)

    If you havent cashed the check, dont cash it. You can look in your local area on yellow book for an attorney who handles "personal injury claims". I am not sure about the ins or outs either, that is just something I always heard about those class action lawsuits..... but if you can find an...
  3. pami

    Decorating the tree,with Bubba

    awwwww Bubba is such a cute helper, but it looks like he wants to decorate the top of the tree LOL
  4. pami

    Taking our first dance lesson tonight!

    There is a big difference in dancing with someone who really knows the steps already..... I remember years ago I was at a private club and a dance instructor asked me to dance. I told him this would be a joke, but he gliding me across the dance floor with such ease, I felt like I could dance...
  5. pami

    Questions about class action lawsuits (warning...long post)

    I would call another attorney and see what he says..... I know this is a little too late now, but I always heard when they have a class action lawsuit, it comes down to the attorneys making the money and the actual people who suffered getting next to nothing. That it is always better if you...
  6. pami

    Taking our first dance lesson tonight!

    How did the class go? That sounds like a lot of fun. My Mom is actually a great dancer and uses me for a partner when she wants to dance at home lol Tricia, I didnt know you took ballet, how cool.
  7. pami

    Can Men and Women be "Just Friends"?

    I had to go back and watch it, he was funny LOL
  8. pami

    Can Men and Women be "Just Friends"?

    I agree with you and thats how I feel about it in my personal life, too, but that video definitely had a different perspective LOL Maybe it was the age they interviewed?
  9. pami


    LOLOL I cant believe you already gave them their presents LOL They are going to have the best Christmas because I know you arent going to let them get nothing on Christmas day LOL You might as well make it a gift everyday before Christmas LOLOL I thought the mail was going to fall on Rosie's...
  10. pami

    Vibes for my Tolly please

    If he likes milk, you might try some half and half. I know with my kitties, it doesnt cause any upset tummies like milk does. I believe it is lower in milk sugars than regular milk, but it does have fat. I'm sure its not the best option, as Im sure you would prefer it from food, but I just...
  11. pami

    The Cool Kitten is back!

    She is so beautiful! I cant believe she is sitting in the basket at Walmart picking out her toys LOL ... it just seems like yesterday she was born.... Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby!
  12. pami

    Need your help with a Christmas gift - Please vote!

    I agree that is very creative!! I vote for sepia, too.
  13. pami

    Gracie needs vibes.....

    Carolina sending so many vibes that way for you and Ms Gracie :vibes: :vibes: I absolutely believe Gracie's knows you are helping her. I have so many stories with my babies when they show me they are appreciative when I am helping them :heart3:
  14. pami

    "Has the person below me"

    No way! Has the person below me ever ridden on an elephant (yes)
  15. pami

    Vibes for my Tolly please

    Sending lots of prayers and vibes that way for you and your little lamb :heart3:
  16. pami


    Love Miss Abby.... so good to see pics of that beautiful girl :love:
  17. pami

    Boots or shoes? Or both?

    I LOVE boots this time of the year LOVE them...... even bootie slippers when I am inside. What about boots that are flat? Those are really cute, the ones that go to your knees with some skinny jeans tucked in.
  18. pami

    my kitten just doesn't listen.

    Get her some cardboard boxes to play in. Cats love boxes for some reason.... you can even cut some holes into some, and place side by side, so she can run through the boxes.
  19. pami

    Woohoo! DH got published!

    That is really cool, Heidi.... Congratulations to you both, really good news to hear. ~hugs~