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  1. rubysmama

    Thread Devoted To Sharing Your Favorite Albums And Songs - 2020

    Blind Love - Bon Jovi Blind Love - Bob Seger
  2. W

    Can A Cat Go Blind From A Stroke?

    My moggy went blind 1 month and 1 week ago. This is something we didn't consider. Is it possible for a cat to go blind from a stroke?
  3. hexiesfriend

    Blind Cat Please help!!

    ...were dilated at night and I was watching her behavior and noticed she was needing to navigate objects and corners. It looks like she is now blind. I’m trying to get into the vet but they are booked for awhile. She is old and I expected her eye sight to go but I’m so worried about her and need...
  4. Pjg8r

    Making A Blind Kitten Comfortable

    i added two kittens to the family today. One has vision in one eye the other is completely blind (their eyes were enucleated in August for untreated infections). They are almost 4 months old. I currently have them in a large dog crate until I take them to the vet on Monday. When I begin to let...
  5. tabbytom

    Another Challenge This Way Comes: Blind cat with PTSD

    Thank you for taking in Stevie :clapcat: I do not have experience with blind cats but we do have an article on blind cats and the comments after the article may be helpful to you :- blind-cats
  6. SamJackFinn14102

    Other Cats Pushing Blind Cat Away During Feeding Time

    Hi, We have a 14 year old, a 10 year old and 2 year old cat, all males. We suspect our 10 year old has gone completely blind (and a possibility of him being inbred as we got him when he was 1 and the family we got him from, all their cats were related) over the last couple of years or so...
  7. supermax1943

    I believe one of my Feral Cats has "Blind Quiet Eye" in both eyes. Does anyone here have experience with it?

    One of my feral cats, Snicker, suddenly went blind and from what I could find out online it seems as if it something called "Blind Quiet Eye". Snicker got this suddenly. I had seen him a couple of days ago and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, although it was at feeding time and there...
  8. W

    Do Any Of You Have Cats That Went Suddenly Blind?

    My moggy went suddenly blind on Friday. Does anyone here have a cat that went suddenly blind and survived? He does not have high blood pressure.
  9. My photography & other stuff

    My photography & other stuff

    I like taking photos. I wanted to become a photographer when I joined the Army but, I'm color-blind so they wouldn't let me train. (I didn't know I am color-blind!)
  10. Mia6

    Three Word Phrase Part 3

    Three blind mice
  11. S

    Blind Cat Bumping Into Things

    I'm asking this for an elderly relative. There's an existing thread about this issue from last year - Senior Cat Went Blind, but I didn't want to add to that since it's been a year. Their older cat now around 18, went blind last year due to high blood pressure. Other than that she seems to be...
  12. FeebysOwner

    Another Challenge This Way Comes: Blind cat with PTSD

    And, should it help at all, here is the link to @Pjg8r's thread: Making A Blind Kitten Comfortable
  13. Siamic

    Another Challenge This Way Comes: Blind cat with PTSD

    This is the first blind cat we have ever had at our rescue and certainly a new challenge for me as a cat behavior consultant. Name is Stevie and he is 8 years old. We are working with him on the various challenges that are being presented. It will be quite the challenge. We are doing bird sounds...
  14. stephanietx

    Making A Blind Kitten Comfortable

    I have no personal experience with blind kitties, but look up Juno the Blind Cat (owned by the same people who owned Oskar the Blind Kitten) and Jenny the Blind Cat, both are on FB and Instagram. Here's an article about Jenny the Blind Cat. Our blind from birth cat Jenny, and Simon & Felix
  15. W

    Cat Suddenly Completely Blind :'(

    ...bumping into things, like he couldn't see. He was fine just last night. We took him to the vet and he confirmed that my moggy is now completely blind :bawling: He has to go for an MRI and will have to be under anaesthesia for 20-30 minutes. I'm really worried about the anaesthesia. How safe...
  16. fionasmom

    Other Cats Pushing Blind Cat Away During Feeding Time

    I do think that your blind baby is being bullied but not because the other two are evil cats. It is really leftover DNA from millions of years ago which makes the sick one less acceptable as a group member. This has happened to me as well when I have had younger cats with older, sick ones (I...
  17. Pjg8r

    Blind Cat Please help!!

    I have a blind kitten. Yours may not want to step over the edge of the litter box if she can’t see the ground on the other side. Perhaps try one with very shallow sides and try that? She will know her way around the house by smell and landmarks. Avoid picking her up and carrying her anywhere as...
  18. mkatjp

    Problems after returning from the vet

    Our blind cat had adopted two kittens. They are adult now and yesterday, they were at the vets for spaying/neutering. After they returned, the blind cat doesn't recognize them anymore and is now constantly hissing. I don't know if it is the smell of the vets or the smell of the cats has changed...
  19. A

    She's a terror

    Blind cords -- as opposed to actual blinds -- are something I don't bother to defend, Life is short, training is effort intensive, pick the battles that matter.
  20. C

    Blind cat constantly and consistently pees on mat outside of litterbox

    ...and I'm really hoping someone will have some suggestions for what to do, because I'm going crazy. I have two cats, one of which—Matilda—went blind several years ago due to ongoing medical problems. She has more or less adjusted, though she's not one of those cats you'd "never know was...