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  1. blondrebel76

    Aidan one year later Hey just thought i would post this, since i know how much everyone prayed for little Aidan. This is a news story done for the one year anniversary of his accident. The following is a post, i thought y'all might like to hear it from Erin herself...
  2. blondrebel76

    im back

    Hey everyone. I just got back online and thought i would stop by. Funny thing is i got my internet on today and my good computer goes on the fritz. I think at this point that the power supply has gone out because it wont turn on at all. Who knows. Anyway I am still around. Roman and I have been...
  3. blondrebel76

    anyone remember Elmyra from looney tunes?

    Well i sware she lives next dooor to me. I get a knock on the door early this morning, which is a little less common lately since i started working, used to i spent more time watching her play then i did anything else. Anyway back to the point. She, her friend and her aunt who is 13 found two...
  4. blondrebel76

    absess or something worse? (vibes please)

    I was hoping i could maybe get some prayers and vibes sent for me, i feel just horrible. I woke up a few days ago with my gums on the top front hurting, the next day i had a canker sore and my face was swollen. Yesterday it was a HUGE bump on my gums, which i will spare you the details but it...
  5. blondrebel76

    i saw the coolest thing.. (picts)

    I dont know if anyone has heard about our wild weather today, but i got some awesome photos of a tornado. I was sitting at Roman's work after getting my oil changed and doing some shopping and then the storm hit. These pictures are looking towards the west of stillwater just as the storm was...
  6. blondrebel76

    i punched him!

    At some point early this morning I woke up with a start to find my bf's face looking directly at mine. Like i was sleeping on my back and when i woke up his face was above mine looking at me. Without thinking I punched him in the jaw! I am not talking lightly either, im talking like a brain...
  7. blondrebel76

    enzyme diet

    I have been talking to a lady at work who has recently lost a lot of weight, she went down 4 pant sizes in a few months time. She suggested i try the same diet she started, which isnt hard at all. Its the basics of cutting down on pop and eating more veggies, and healthy food, plus taking a...
  8. blondrebel76

    track of the cat? I just dont get this article, its well known that cougars are often found in this area the past few years. But every time the dept of ag finds "inconclusive evidence" kinda like they are hiding the truth. But i know for a personal fact there...
  9. blondrebel76

    somedays its just not worth getting out of bed!

    Man today was horrible. I had to get up early thanks to my sister who needed to borrow gas money, no big deal except that i had to work until 1:45am so i didnt get home till around 3am and she started calling at 8am. My feet and knees hurt bad when i woke up and were swolen forcing me to wear my...
  10. blondrebel76

    stuck at prom

    has anyone heard of this? i so want a wedding dress (someday) made of ducttape!
  11. blondrebel76

    ringworm in kittens

    I have noticed that my kittens born just before easter have ringworm, mostly on their faces. Is there anything i can use to get rid of them?
  12. blondrebel76

    baby pictures

    Since everyone seams to like pictures, i thought it might be fun to see what everyone looked like as a baby. Come on, i know i cant be the only one that has baby pictures of myself! Dont be shy, i'll start! me and my daddy in 1977 i was a year old. not sure how old i was here. not...
  13. blondrebel76


    This is a post i should have made earlier, but like i said before this weekend was a very busy one for us. But i must now introduce our new family member, Roxi! My bf's brother worked with the former owner who decided he had no time for the puppies and had to find homes for them imediatly. He...
  14. blondrebel76

    do you ever wake up feeling sad?

    I woke up this morning feeling very very sad and i dont know why. I just woke up feeling like i was gonna cry. I dont wanna go to work, i dont wanna do anything except lay back down and cry my eyes out. And my bf dont understand, he says i HAVE to know why i am sad and crying. Anyone else ever...
  15. blondrebel76

    i officially hate my job (long rant)

    I know i just started this job about 3 weeks ago or so, but i already hate it, almost to the point where i am in tears just having to force myself to go. And to be honest its not the work, its the people i work with. The waitresses seam ok for the most part, however there is one of them that i...
  16. blondrebel76

    Aidan's youtube video

    This is very touching, i hope everyone takes the time to see what your prayers for baby Aidan have done. Thanks to everyone who has kept the little guy in their thoughts and prayers. Keep praying the end of this story is not yet written and i long very much so see a very happy ever after for...
  17. blondrebel76

    funniest thing i think i have ever read i laughed until i cried over this woman's "problem"
  18. blondrebel76

    jade's baby pictures

    I just had to check out the babies, so we dug em out from under the bed, momma allowed a few picts before she retrieved them and put them back under the bed. You can see her checking them out in one of the picts!
  19. blondrebel76

    questions about Jade's babies

    Last night Jade moved her babies under my bed. She took them out of the carrier we had them in and put them way back under my bed. My mom says its because its gonna storm and she knows it will be safer, mom's meezer moved her babies last night as well. Should i leave them there or try to dig em...
  20. blondrebel76

    guinea pig questions

    My bf's niece has a very cute black and gold guinea pig that she bought from a kid that wasnt nice to the poor little guy. The pigs name is Rodney naturally. Anyway she was trying tonight to get me to take him, only thing is i dont know much about them. They keep him in a little cage in the...