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  1. cococat

    What are your favorite fruits?

    Right now mine are fresh papaya, mango, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, peach, and pear. I also eat an apple a day so I enjoy apples too. I like all the above fruits fresh, but I find frozen blueberries are tasty too. Sometimes I freeze a mixture and add frozen banana for a delicious...
  2. cococat

    What is your favorite cereal?

    Mine are mostly very healthy, hearty, whole grain, low or no sugar (don't care for sweets much). I am not a huge cereal fan but I do love to snack on it sometimes from the box, like you would a bag of chips.
  3. cococat

    Vibes and good thoughts needed please!

    My mom is in the hospital. She has been battling the c word for a couple years now and she is an amazing person, very kind, loving, and one of my very best friends as well as my other siblings best friend. I have always been so blessed with her as my mom. Please send her good thoughts and...
  4. cococat

    How many people do you get gifts for during the holidays?

    List for fun please How many people do you get gifts for during Christmas? (list out please for fun) Do you buy or make? A mixture? Are you a late shopper, or do you have it all done early? Do you wrap each one, or do you bag it? Or do you have someone else do the wrapping? Do you enjoy...
  5. cococat

    Post your grocery list

    I am making a list, thought it would be fun to see others list. We have a meat market for fish and another source for eggs and Asian market for bulk rice and other items. We have a small garden with a few herbs and tomatoes/peppers, but need to expand it, then we could really get our bill...
  6. cococat

    Job Vibes Please

    I applied for a perfect position - fingers crossed for me please.
  7. cococat

    One of my Dobermans

    His name is Cash He is my Big Boo. Puppy days Or was that puppy daze? He was quite crazy and kept me always on my toes Super dog! Taking a nap running around posed for me more pictures
  8. cococat

    Calling all our website designers

    I have a personal blog with pictures. How do you disable right clicking your site? Advice would be appreciated.
  9. cococat

    My Sphynx Cat

    She isn't as flashy as some, but she is still my cute kitty! Posing for me (I cheated and used the laser light!) Freshly clipped nails
  10. cococat

    Sitting on Shoulders

    My cat sits/walks around on people's shoulders all the time. How about yours?
  11. cococat

    Your Favorite Books

    Let's hear 'em! I love reading and would love to hear some of your favorites too
  12. cococat

    Orange kitty!

    At a feed store today there was a litter of kittens for adoption with a rescue group. They are in a separate area, like a little room, in a big crate, but the crate was being cleaned so the kittens and mom were roaming around. There were several orange and one black. All of the orange were...
  13. cococat

    Why Go Vegetarian?

    Why go veg? Chew on these reasons: Found here: For the record, I don't eat beef, pig, etc. but I eat fish, farm fresh eggs, and organic cheese. Sometimes organic milk. So I am not a vegetarian, but my diet is mostly plant based. I know...
  14. cococat

    5 Reasons Why You Love Your Cat

    Let's hear 'em. 5 for each cat.
  15. cococat

    I lost my sense of taste and smell

    I rarely ever get sick but this week I have had some congestion and a runny nose and a bit of a cough. I figured my body would just take care of it as I don’t feel that bad, I still have lots of energy, no fever, feel pretty good. I can still breathe through one nostril but only if I blow my...
  16. cococat

    Someone you love owes you money

    Someone I love and am close to (family) owes me money. They have for 2 months. I need this money really bad. I have called them, they say they will send it but never do. What would you do?
  17. cococat

    Stay at home

    How many stay at home mom's and dad's do we have here? Note, you don't have to have actual kids
  18. cococat

    Blue and Grey Cat Pics

    Please post some pictures of your gorgeous blue and grey kitties!
  19. cococat

    Eating out ideas

    We want to go out to eat, anyone have ideas of what sounds good? Fast food is out. Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc. are more what I am thinking as far as places to eat, but all types of food are great, Asian, Italian, Mexican, BBQ, American, just everything Help please
  20. cococat


    Anyone have psychic abilities? Please share your stories about your abilities or any about any experiences you have had with those you believe do. If you do, do you feel it is more following your natural intuition or no? When did you first discover this about yourself? I don't have any...