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  1. orange&white

    Another Feral Family At My Office

    It's been a couple years since I posted on this thread, but yesterday at work I noticed a "new" feral momma and two kittens in our yard at work. Previously, I wrote about the kitten who got trapped in our warehouse, and I took her for TNR...then socialized and kept her. Farrell just turned 3...
  2. orange&white

    Romaine Lettuce Recall

    The day before Thanksgiving is bad timing for a CDC recall on romaine for e.coli. They're saying don't eat any romaine from any source. Throw it all away, and that restaurants and groceries need to pull it all. This is a link to the map of the current outbreak so far. Map of Reported Cases |...
  3. orange&white

    Honoring Veterans Day And Armistice

    On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we recognize Armistice Day. We remember the calm after the storm of World War I when the fighting ceased, even if briefly. We remember those who died fighting the enemy. Poppies later grew on their graves in Flanders Fields. In Flanders...
  4. orange&white

    Cat Dressing Like A Crow For Halloween

    This optical illusion photo is pretty cool! Cat or Crow??? This photo of a crow — or is it a cat? — is going viral on Twitter, and people are seriously confused
  5. orange&white

    Raw Turkey Recall

    This is a public notice from CDC. It covers various suppliers of turkey products in the US. 40 people out of 90 reported cases required hospitalization. I'm posting here because the notice mentions that two of the people who became ill "fed raw pet food". I don't see any commercial raw...
  6. orange&white

    National Food Day Celebrations

    Seems like just about every day is a "national celebration" of a specific food. It might be fun to post them here....especially if there are any really good discounts, particularly FREE food in your area to celebrate the day. To start off, today July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day. I don't...
  7. orange&white

    Threshold Sitters: In Or Out?

    Me opening door to the patio (several times a day): "Misfit, do you want to come inside the house, Little Mouse?" Holding door open (watching flies come inside): "Well? In or Out, Little Cat?" Misfit: "I'm comfortable right here, thanks. This is perfect." I'm sure others have threshold...
  8. orange&white

    Happy Independence Day!

    For our American members here, wishing you a happy and healthy 4th of July. Between the hot dogs and fireworks, I always take a few minutes of gratitude to our forbearers for breaking the colonies away from the rule of Great Britain. The founders started this country on a path which has...
  9. orange&white

    Thoughts And Prayers For Tangent

    No major alarm...a "minor alarm" perhaps. If you'll please send prayers and/or good vibes Tangent's way, I'd appreciate it. A couple of weeks ago, Misfit the feral kitty, scratched Tangent's eye. It didn't look too severe, but it ran a little "goop" for a few days, then appeared to clear up...
  10. orange&white

    What "cattributes" Make You Love Cats?

    Someone recently asked me for a list of positive attributes make me enjoy cats. I'll call them “cattributes”. I've owned a cat (or cats) for over 50 years, and I cannot imagine my life without a cat or three (and a dog or two). I'm an animal lover. You'd think I'd be the perfect person to ask...
  11. orange&white

    Show Your Primordial Pouch

    Tangent has always had a huge primordial pouch, even when he was young, fit and trim. (Unfortunately, he now also has a loose skin pouch sagging all underneath from his ribcage to his pouch from his weight loss last year. :oops:) Show your kitties' pouches!
  12. orange&white

    Time Change - Cat Reactions

    It's a few minutes 'til 5pm here and I have 3 cats and 1 dog hungrily looking at me to feed them. The natives are getting restless and can't figure out why the sun is in the correct position for them to get dinner, but I'm not dishing out the food. They have to wait an hour, because this time...
  13. orange&white

    Feral Outdoor Cat Vaccines

    My TNR'd cat turned one year old this month and has an appointment for vaccines tomorrow. (The TNR shelter only gives a rabies vaccine.) I'm planning to request only the core FVRCP vaccine. I'm uncertain about any others, like FIV. My main incentive for vaccinating her, outside of her...
  14. orange&white

    Winter Feral Housing - Advantage To Straw Over Blankets?

    We're at the height of the 100 degree dog days of summer, but I'm already fretting over how to keep my backyard feral warm this winter. I've read multiple posts about people using hay as bedding for ferals and barn cats. Is there some advantage of hay versus lining a box with fleece blankets...
  15. orange&white

    County Shelter Sold Out Of Cats At $1.00

    This is just great news. I mentioned on another thread that the radio people were talking up the fact that on Thursday, that the county animal shelter was so overloaded with cats, they would have to euthanize 100 cats on Monday if they didn't find adopters or fosters between Friday and Sunday...
  16. orange&white

    Mr. Handsome - 31 Pound Cat In North Carolina Shelter

    News story today of obese cat being held at NC animal shelter. He is a handsome cat, even if quite rotund. If the owner doesn't claim him, they are going to give him to a qualified applicant by a raffle. Internet famous fat cat needs new home
  17. orange&white

    Wild And Brown Rice Blend

    I bought some wild and brown rice blend recently and am looking for the best cooking method. Several years ago I stopped buying brown rice because 9 out of 10 times I tried cooking it, it "failed". Either to crunchy or too soggy. It's great 1 out of 10 times when I got it just right. It's...
  18. orange&white

    Very Cute Kitten Live Stream From Fosters In Il

    Yesterday I stumbled upon this YouTube livestream that some people who foster strays until they're adopted run 24/7. I've had so much fun watching the roomful of kittens playing. They also have a pregnant momma cat (looks like a beautiful kitten herself) in a separate room...she's having...
  19. orange&white

    20 Calories Per Pound Of Body Weight - Intact Or Spayed/neutered

    We at TCS frequently recommend 20 calories per pound of body weight for feeding cats. I have read multiple articles and studies which indicate that the caloric needs for spayed and neutered cats is 20%-30% lower than for intact cats. What no article seems to specify is whether 20 calories per...
  20. orange&white

    Calories In Bone?

    I'm trying to put together a spreadsheet of calorie counts for my raw food mixes. Calories per ounce are easy to find for meat and organs, but I can't find anything for bone. Maybe it's never been studied because we humans don't sit down and munch on a big pile of bones, like our pets are able...