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    Emaciated Stray

    The other day, while out on my nightly walk, I was found by a super sweet, super skinny, very week little girl.  She let me carry her all the way home, and has now been recuperating in our bedroom for a few days. I was worried she had something wrong with her, so took her to the vet.  He...
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    Cat + Toddler

    Where to start... Evie used to be really great with Maiya when she was a baby. She LOVED her, would always cuddle up with us and groom her. But as Maiya gets older and more active, Evie is getting more and more tempermental. Maiya is 14 months now, and LOVES Evie. She would follow her...
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    Bald Spots

    Evie is losing fur. She had fleas (brought in by my dog! First time in 6 years...) for a bit, so I thought it was a flea allergy. I even brought her to the vet and they confirmed. We treated the fleas about 3 weeks ago, treated her, the carpet, all her favorite lounging spots... And...
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    Question about unemployment

    Does anyone out there know about unemployment claims from the employer's side? I work for a very small company, and my boss would like to know how much it might cost him to lay off an employee. I've never done this before (and yet he's asking me!), and I've Googled but can't find anything...
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    Waking the Baby

    Let me start by saying I love Evie immensely! She's my cuddle bug and I love when she spends nights sleeping on my face. The problem is, now we have the baby, who is a very light sleeper, and when Evie comes in to the room looking for love, she meows. She always has, and I've never liked it...
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    No way, you brat!

    "No way, Evie, you brat! No way am I going to go across the hall just to turn on the bathroom sink so you can drink straight from the tap! You can stop your mowing and your pitiful cries- I know you have three other sources of fresh clean water! No way I..." Oh, sorry, please excuse me...
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    I has a kitty sleepin' on my toes...

    But only my right toes! At least one foot is plenty warm. Do you think the way her paws are curled over her nose is a hint to me??
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    I thought cats were supposed to be independent!

    This makes me laugh so hard I even posted it as my status update on FB... Been cuddling all evening with Evie while I was on the comp. Suddenly, she starts getting in to a mood... Chewing on things, knocking things over, generally an unhappy kitty. I could NOT figure out what she wanted...
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    How did I ever wrap presents without Evie's help??

    Or should I say, how do I do it with her help? How would I ever do this without her?? See, she even holds the box closed while I tape! Hah. Uh... Don't ask me what she's doing here! "Mom! I don't think this is perfectly even!!" Though really I think she just wanted the bags for...
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    The Best Part of Winter!

    Is my thermo-kitty! When it's warm, she sleeps at my feet. Cool, she sleeps on my tummy. Cold, she sleeps here! How can I resist??
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    San Francisco Votes to Ban Cat Declawing

    I looked to see if this has been posted already, and I don't see it, so, here we go! Well, I'm proud.
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    As Promised!

    What seems like a long, long time ago, I promised a few people on here I'd update them. Well, I'm not sure if they or anyone remembers me or my promise, but I do remember, so here I go, making good on my promise! I'm pregnant! Never thought I'd get to say that. I will be 4 months this...
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    Taking big steps now!

    Hi all! I haven't been around much, and I miss you all! Even though most of you probably don't have a clue who I am. I just have to share some exciting news! We got a new dog, Quincy, in February. Evie is used to dogs- we currently have one, and she knew two until our other dog died...
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    Ringworm and Lamisil?

    Ok, finally heard from the other vet on the rinworm issue in my foster kittens. They just said to use Lamisil... Now, I hate to second guess the vet, but they're KITTENS! About 7 weeks old now. Is that really safe for them? I mean, I'd wonder about using human stuff on a cat, but on 7 week...
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    Ringworm! Any advice for a newbie?

    So my foster kittens have ringworm. I took a long lunch to take them to the vet and that was the tentative diagnosis- we're running a culture to confirm, but they glowed bright apple green under the wood lamp! This is my first bout with ringworm- I've never had any experience at all with it...
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    My Favorite Kitten Age! And Any Name Suggestions?

    I finally have more foster kittens! Had a dry spell there, and I was going through serious withdrawals, but finally I have more! Just brought home last night- a young momma and her three darling kittens. They are at my favorite age, about 3 weeks old. Bright blue kitten eyes wide open...
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    Nail Trimming?

    Hi guys! So, we got a new puppy, and are slowly and carefully socializing him and Evie. However, I feel safer with her having her nails long and razor sharp- just in case something should happen, she can defend herself better. My husband, however, thinks it's healthier to trim them. What do...
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    Good Thoughts for a Good Man?

    Just got news that a dear friend of mine, my old boss, is facing a tough decision. He is nearly 90 years old and has many many health issues. To make a long story short, he needs to decide if he wants to come off the ventilator. Doing so will kill him, but the ventilator is having other bad...
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    My New Associates

    We all know kitties are super helpful! I am currently foster-less, and giving up my last girl, Rukia, was pretty hard on me, so I'm remembering the good times! When her brother and sister went to get fixed, she ended up in the office with me all day. I was worried she'd be bad, crying a lot...
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    The Joys and Tears of Fostering

    There are so many happy and sad things to fostering, but the most emotional part has got to be when they find their forever home! Specifically, I only have one foster right now, Rukia. Her brother and sister got fixed a few weeks ago and adopted the weekend before Christmas. Rukia was held...