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    Is My Kitten A Smoke Tabby?

    He has dark black and grey markings with some white. I'm thinking he's a silver smoke.
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    Comment by 'jason24' in media 'baby Toby.jpg'

    I have a kitten that looks like your boy. Do you think he is a smoke? o
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    "Smoke" tabby kitten?

    I have a kitten that looks just like yours. Do you have any new pictures of him?
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    Eye Color Question

    When will they start to change?
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    Eye Color Question

    I'm not sure I didn't get to see his mother but I know she is a black calico. She came from a shelter pregnant so I'm not sure about the father either.
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    Eye Color Question

    I have an 8 week old silver smoke tabby and his eyes are grey what color will they be?
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    What Breed Is This Kitten?

    I believe they are litter mates, I'm not sure what the parents look alike.
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    What Breed Is This Kitten?

    What breed is the dark kitten in the picture? I ask because he looks like he could possibly be mixed with a main coon or Norwegian forest cat. I also want to know how to determine a kittens eye color.