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  1. shadowsrescue

    Outdoor Heat Pad Sale On Amazon

    I am always on the look out for heat pads. They usually run near $30. Just saw the small size on Amazon for around $12!! My guess is they won't last long. Looks like price is going up. It's now almost $14, but still a good deal.
  2. shadowsrescue

    From Outside To Inside

    I have been caring for feral cats on my property for over 7 years now. For the past 3 years, I have had 3 that live on my deck. All are somewhat socialized to me, but not any one else. I have longed for the day that I could bring them inside. My current home just does not have the right set...
  3. shadowsrescue

    Outdoor Electric Cat Heat Pad Great Sale Price

    Just stumbled across the K&H outdoor heat pad. They work well inside too! They normally sell for near $30+, but are on sale for $12.37 with free shipping! I snagged 2 of them for the future. Looks like the ad shows the prices is $29.00, but if you click on it, it shows $12.37. This may not...
  4. shadowsrescue

    Need Help With Home Cooking

    I started home cooking for my cats back in April. I started by using EZ Complete as it seemed the easiest to start with. I have 6 cats ( 3 currently are eating only home cooked with the other 3 outside feral boys are just dipping their toes in the water!). Any way EZ complete is just too...
  5. shadowsrescue

    Types Of Pork(boneless Only) For Home Cooking

    I recently ventured into home cooking for my cats. We have been at it for almost 2 months now. The transition has gone really well. We are working on pork right now. I had a great deal on boneless pork sirloin roasts and made those last week. Yet, usually the cost might be too much. What...
  6. shadowsrescue

    Cat With Urinary Blockage And Complications

    My cat, Cisco quite quickly developed a urinary blockage on Friday. We rushed him to the emergency vet and had to leave him to be catheterized for two days. A urine culture was also taken which revealed a sample of over 50 crystals. This then led to an US of the bladder, kidney and other...
  7. shadowsrescue

    Problems Adding A Link

    Yesterday while posting a reply, I was unable to post a link from Amazon showing a specific item. I would see the link, but once posted there was just the title of the item and a large white space. Are we not allowed to link from certain sites?
  8. shadowsrescue

    New To Home Cooking

    I am in the early stages of home cooking for my 6 cats. I have started with chicken thighs and am using EZ Complete. So far about 50% of the cats like it. I am still mixing it into their canned food. At first 4 of them just loved it. Now one is starting to turn up his nose as we gradually...
  9. shadowsrescue

    Happy National Feral Cat Day!

    Thanks to all who help all of the feral and stray kitties!  We must keep moving forward and encourage more people to spay/neuter their cats. 
  10. shadowsrescue

    National Fera Cat Day Discounts

    I just received an email from Alley Cat Allies about National Feral Cat Day (Oct. 16).  They have put together a page of discounts with some great deals on traps.  My favorite trap from Tru Catch (30LTD) in on sale for $50.  I just love this trap.  They also have Tomahawk traps discounted as...
  11. shadowsrescue

    Amazon has a great price on heated outdoor cat house

    Just found this heated cat house for $45 on Amazon I bought one 4 years ago and paid nearly double that.  It comes with a heat pad on the bottom too that can be taken out and used elsewhere too if needed.  The one I bought has held up well.  I do find that it's best when you have it under a...
  12. shadowsrescue

    Feral cat Heated House Instructions

    I wanted to post some detailed instructions for the heated houses my husband has built.  This will be my third winter using the first one that was built.  The second one was just built this month.  During the most frigid winters of 2014 and 2015, this house kept my ferals snug, warm and dry.  We...
  13. shadowsrescue

    Thinking Ahead to Winter

    Yes, I know it is still July and very warm outside, BUT it will not be long until cooler weather is on the horizon.  Each year I hope to be better organized before the cold weather arrives.  I discovered last year that Amazon has open box or used heated cat pads for just over $22.  They are the...
  14. shadowsrescue

    Until we meet again my sweet Sadie Girl

    I had been caring for a sweet stray cat for the past 5 /12 weeks.  Her time with me was short, yet the love was long.  She came to me a very damaged soul, yet I hope she found some love and peace from me.  My heart is broken into a million pieces.  I wish I could have saved her.  Toxoplasmosis...
  15. shadowsrescue coupon code for Wellness cat food

    Just received a coupon code to purchase Wellness cat food on  It makes a case of 24 (5.5 oz) around $31 if you order 2 cases at a time.  The discount code gets you an additional 20% off the current price.  It's a pretty good deal.  The code is WELLNESS20.  You can save $30 if you...
  16. shadowsrescue

    Sadie updates

    I had been giving updates under the thread Hampton the feral cat returns after 8 months yet have decided to start a fresh thread.  You can read about Sadie's adventures in the thread starting post #10...
  17. shadowsrescue

    Sick stray won't eat

    Yesterday I rescued a sick stray kitty.  She is very sweet, but quite sick.  I took her to the vet and she weighs just under 6 lbs.  She has the herpes upper respiratory virus.  Lots of sneezing and red runny eyes.  She's a bit wobbly on her feet.  Yesterday she ate a bit of cat food (AD from...
  18. shadowsrescue

    Hampton the feral cat returns after 8 months of being gone

    I am in utter shock.  Hampton, one of my ferals from last year returned the other night.  It had been exactly 8 months to the day since his departure.  I did TNR on him in Aug of 2014.  It was very difficult for him.  He had a hard time being in the trap overnight after the neuter.  Once I...
  19. shadowsrescue

    Wellness Canned price jump

    The title should say Wellness Canned Price Jump I have been feeding Wellness canned (chicken and herring and turkey and salmon) with years.  I rotate with a few of the Trader Joe's canned.  I have been purchasing full 5.5 oz cases for a few years from  Last time I purchased the cases...
  20. shadowsrescue

    Sale on Extreme Weather Oudoor Kitty Heat Pad

    Amazon has an open box heat pad for $28.35 right now.  If you have prime, it's free 2 day shipping. Here is the description: The Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad is an essential source of warmth for your kitties or feral cats that spend...