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    Very low glucose level in cat’s blood test

    Hi my 2yr old 10lb cat had a vet appointment back in Jan. for Dermatitis (no solution for dermatitis yet) but she got her first blood test done, and the vets wouldn’t send me the paperwork. 2 months later and I just now received them literally at 11pm at night and her Glucose level was noted...
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    Update on Feline Dermatitis (No Improvement)

    Hi all! I had posted in here about a month ago because my 2yr old female Tortie, Liza, is having a bad bought of dermatitis on her lower back/tail base (with fur loss also on her front left leg). The dermatitis started in mid-December and has since escalated (and kind of waxed/waned from good to...
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    Cat With Dermatitis… Can’t find fix :(

    Hi all. I’m new here and was excited to find this site. I’m currently a distressed cat mom because my beautiful 2 year old Tortie has developed a small patch of dermatitis. I will say, I have not taken her to a vet. She has extreme anxiety and had to be sedated while she was sheltered to be...