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  1. misterwhiskers

    Would you call her calico?

    I also think she looks like she could have point, or Ragdoll, but that’s just me. I’ve never seen a calico with coloring like hers. This is my brothers new kitten. Thank you!
  2. misterwhiskers

    Seeking Advice From People Whose Cats Have Had Megacolon Or Comstipation Issues

    K:( So anyway out of nowhere, seemingly, my cat went from Mr Pooptastic to not even TRYING to poop. Yes, he’s seen a vet. Diagnosis is “close to megacolon but let’s try to avoid it”. He’d been given 3 doses of Miralax since Saturday, all of which produced results but clearly did not remove...
  3. misterwhiskers

    Calculating Calorie Needs For An Overweight Cat

    Hi! Haven’t been here in ages! How is everyone? My cat Robin is now a whopping 17 pounds and the vet wants to get him down to about 13 or 14 pounds. He’s a low energy cat with a naturally larger frame (Ragdoll mix). He inhales a certain wet food that has 42 calories per small 1.3 ounce packet...
  4. misterwhiskers

    Interesting Article On Horner's Syndrome In Cats

    I never knew any of this and just wondered if this might help. Horner's Syndrome in Cats
  5. misterwhiskers

    Me And A Neighbor Thinking Of Starting A Nonprofit For Neighborhood Tnr. Advice?

    Hello! It's been awhile. Anyway,I'm asking for advice here for those with both TNR and non profit experience. The issue is that in my neighborhood there are 2-3 colonies of ferals and ferals,and "helpful" people from outside the area are apparently dropping dry cat food, food scraps etc and...
  6. misterwhiskers

    Not quite sure what I saw (on his eye)

    Ok, now my cat has herpes, was very ill with it in one eye last year. I have famciclovir and when his eye had a minor reoccurance last week I started it up again. He seems healthy otherwise. Drinking and eating and peeing etc fine. Playful. Thing is, I'm not sure what I saw earlier this morning...
  7. misterwhiskers

    Walking cats using a harness

    Hello all, been a while! I have some questions about walking cats outside. My cat is getting bored inside and toys just don't do it for him. I'm thinking of walking him as soon as the weather improves, or getting a pet carrier and just letting him see the world a little. First, should I invest...
  8. misterwhiskers

    Do cats normally snuggle less in warm weather?

    Sigh. It's that time of year again. Boo hoo!! Every late spring, I lose my snuggle bunny, and it leaves me so sad. Seems especially bad this year. He stays close, but sleeps on the floor or under furniture during the day. At night, he might sleep a few hours next to me, but that's about it. He...
  9. misterwhiskers

    Are pea protein stomach upsets common?

    Finally Robin started eating a grain free dry, but after about 12 hours he vomited it all up. There were no pieces, so I'm assuming he digested it before it upset his tummy. Now he won't touch it at all, but I think he's just associating it with an upset tummy. He was introduced to it before...
  10. misterwhiskers

    Do you have a pet cam (or want one)...?

    Hi, just curious. For those who have pet cams, did checking into the live feed provide any surprises into your cats behavior while you are out? For instance, did you expect to see your cat playing and they only slept? Did you see your cat awaiting your return? Were they restless or sleep most of...
  11. misterwhiskers

    Email notification linked me to adware/malware?

    Just a quick heads up and question bc I received an email notification but when I hit "see post", I was immediately redirected from TCS. Curious if others having this issue.
  12. misterwhiskers

    Robin very ill help

    Rushing him to ER vet. Came home n he wasn't responsive one eyelids bigger than other worried vets missed massive infection bc that eye still bad after treatment Meant pupil right pupil seems unresponsive I mean left Right eye weeping red ooze Please pray he is bad. Ate a little but sits with...
  13. misterwhiskers

    How/how often to clean watering fountain when cat has herpes flare up?

    Robin saw the vet again, got new meds. Vet believes his herpesvirus is in his eye in the conjunctiva, and that dust and allergies in the environment are causing his eye to water more than normal, causing the watering eye he's had for the past 2 months. It's occurred to me that his water bowls...
  14. misterwhiskers

    Any moderately-priced duck flavored canned food out there?

    Oh, what a mixed bag. Robin has finally discovered a canned food he not only likes, but LOVES, And actually EATS. Not only eats, but INHALES. Which means finally, no more waste. The problem? It's Merrick grain-free duck pate. Not sure if it's the limited ingredient stuff but almost certain it...
  15. misterwhiskers

    Tips/tricks on administering eye ointment?

    Hi, Robin's been to the vet, he has conjunctivitis, secondary to probable herpes, and the vet (against my wishes) prescribed an erythromycin ointment. Well, Robin wants NO part of that! Any tips? He does eye drops well, even nose drops. But for the life of me, I cannot get ointment in his...
  16. misterwhiskers

    Cats and bare skin

    Does your cat seem to have a thing for touching exposed skin? Robin seems to always "accidentally " stretch just enough so the tips of his paws are touching my arm, legs, just anywhere there is bare skin. It's so sweet! Or maybe his paws are cold? Is this common?
  17. misterwhiskers

    FIP research study (link provided)

    It's a link to a Facebook page so hope it opens up. That's the link for the needed samples.
  18. misterwhiskers

    Dry with fish but no grains vs. dry with grains but no fish?

    I'm trying to get my altered male cat to eat grain-free dry. I picked up "I and Love and You"'s Surf n chick. Cod is the first ingredient, chicken meal second. 45% protein. Now, I've heard fish is not good for altered males (he's a Siamese mix), so if I have to I'll switch to their all-poultry...
  19. misterwhiskers

    How contagious is giardia?

    Hi, my sisters puppy has giardia. He doesn't have obvious symptoms but as he was sick with it a few weeks ago, she had him tested and I guess it's still in his poop or something. I will be visiting her for a few days and am a little worried that I might bring it home to my cat. I suppose even...
  20. misterwhiskers

    Typical length of time for a herpes flare up?

    Well, Robin's eye seems to have cleared up on its own! I didn't even give him any Clariten or anything. What is a typical time frame an episode of feline eye herpes takes before clearing up? The only thing different is that 1.) he has a cat fountain to which I added a tsp of vinegar (so he no...