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  1. katocats

    Remembering Ziggy

    Cant believe it’s been 6 years since our Ziggy went to rainbow bridge 😿 miss her every single day
  2. katocats

    seat stealers

    every time i get off my chair to put the kettle on i come back to this lol
  3. katocats

    Remembering our Ziggy

    Its been four years today since our Ziggy went to rainbow bridge :sniffle: she was only three, I miss her and think of her every day.
  4. katocats


    Can a wasps sting harm or kill my cat, at this time of year we get the odd one or two in our house and I was wondering if its sting would harm our cats.
  5. katocats

    Birthday Boy

  6. katocats

    Drumming Feet

    Our boy cat he's two sometimes 'drums' with his back legs is this normal, we have never had any other of our cats do this.
  7. katocats

    Longing To See Her Again

    :catrub:We lost our girl Ziggy nearly two years ago she was only three I posted her loss at the time we still have her sister with us. I was sitting watching t.v. the other night and got this awful longing to see her again which I know just isn't possible I thought I was getting over her death...
  8. katocats


    Help please, does anyone know if you have to worm your cat if it is an indoor only cat.
  9. katocats

    heavy cold

    Hi  I have a bad case of 'man flu'  can I pass this heavy cold on to my moggies
  10. katocats

    Kitten or Cat

    We were thinking of showing or Egyptian Mau kitten Zeus what age does he have to be before he is classed as a cat and not a kitten for showing.
  11. katocats

    Remembering Ziggy one year on.

    One year ago today we lost our beloved 3 year old Ziggy to kidney failure.   We miss her so much I posted a thread at the time and it is true that the pain of loss is not so intense as time passes, It dose not go away though. We have since got another kitty for our other cat Komere as she was...
  12. katocats

    neutering our boy

    Our cat Zeus is getting neutered soon when do we stop feeding him  before his op.
  13. katocats

    Will she settle down

    We recently lost one of our cats and her sister keeps searching for her all over the house and meowing a lot will she settle down. Previously when we have been down to just one cat this has not been so severe.
  14. katocats

    For Ziggy

    Well, I did not think I would be posting here for years, It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you all that our wee angel Ziggy has died of C.K.D  she had just turned three years old. We only found out that she had this renal failure five weeks ago and despite our very best efforts...
  15. katocats


    We have just been told by our vet one of our cats (Ziggy) has renal failure. To say I'm gutted would be an understatement    she has just turned three, and there is no cure for this condition She will be back at the vet next week for more tests, scans and stuff the worst thing is she showed NO...
  16. katocats

    Dry food

    Hi, can anyone tell me how long you can leave dry cat food out for before you bin it.
  17. katocats

    Carpet biting cat

       one of our cats has developed a taste for our woollen carpet in the bedroom  she seems to favour the corner of the carpet at the door is there any way of stopping her doing this before it causes her harm.
  18. katocats

    Too late

    We were thinking of showing our two Egyptian Maus  at a TICA show they are now over a year and a half  old have we left it too late ?
  19. katocats

    spayed female

    Do female cats that have been spayed still come into 'season,'  as one of our girls has been nest making and been very vocal