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    Pooping outside the litter box

    Hi all, After adopting a female kitten Ragdoll, we welcomed another female 3-month old Siberian to our place (She is now 5-month old). This Siberian is very active, gluttonous, knows how to use the litter box. Everything has indicated that she will be easygoing. However, things changed 4 weeks...
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    Australian dry food selection

    Good afternoon all, Just skimming through our threads, I guess that most of the pet parents here are located in US, and their dry food recommendation are US brands. As I am in Australia, it will be very costly to buy those recommended food for my 6-month old Ragdoll. Therefore, I would like...
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    Kitten urinate troubles

    Hi everyone, It is me again. Our 5 year-old kitten can pee normal and it seems like she doesn't have difficulty urinating (no crying/straining so far). One day I saw that she went in and out of the litter box a few times but I couldn't find anything trying to clear it. Since then, we notice...
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    Broken canine tooth

    Dear all, We just found a piece of our 5 month old kitten’s canine tooth on her toys. The kitten appears to play and eat normally. There is also no bleeding. We believe this tooth falls off within 24hour. However, with limited knowledge, we don’t know whether it is necessary to see the vet. I...
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    Damply butt

    Dear all, The thread title is the problem we are facing for our 5 month-old kitten. It seems that the butt hair is too long so that her butt is usually wet after going to pee or poo. We believe the problem is not really from the litter. Does anyone facing the same problem and is there any...
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    Sneezing and Cat Flu

    Hi everyone, I just got a kitten from a well-known breeder and the kitten appeared to sneeze everyday. The vet told me that she got cat-flu (no test taken), but the breeder argued that sneezing can be a result of kitten being stress. This makes me confused. Also, is cat-flu common among the...