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  1. Nice Loki

    What do I do with the raw frozen food?

    My very first order of raw, complete cat meat has arrived (frozen) in chubs. I excitedly unpacked it all, looked at it then repacked it because I realised that I didn't actually know what to do with it! They are all single source protein chubs, so I will be feeding them in rotation for a...
  2. Nice Loki

    My little carnivores

    I needed to share with someone how ridiculously happy I am at the moment and figured you guys on here would understand why. I have just fed my 2 moggies a diced, raw chicken breast for the first time ever and they both happily chowed down on it and cleared their plates. My ginger boy was...
  3. Nice Loki

    Brushing cat teeth questions

    Hi, I'm looking to start brushing my cats teeth and have a couple of questions. 1. I have read that this Virbac toothpaste is recommended. Specifically that cats seem to like the chicken flavoured one, except the only chicken flavoured one that I can find in England is for dogs. Do I have to...
  4. Nice Loki

    What cat food and treats do people in England buy?

    Posting this for any fellow English forum members. During lockdown and the cat food shortages that happened in the English supermarkets, I signed up to Zooplus to source my pet food supplies. This got me reading the reviews online which in turn made me realise just how bad the Felix cat meat...
  5. Nice Loki

    Poor coat, weight loss and bad guts

    Please be aware that this is a long post. I have 2 cats, brother and sister. Loki is our ginger boy and Moxxi is a tortie. Moxxi is allergic to fleas, so when Loki came home with fleas one day (around about 6 months ago) and Moxxi's fur dropped out I applied the flea treatment as normal and...
  6. Nice Loki

    New here.

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but a long term cat servant. My current lords and masters are a brother & sister pair who came with us when we left Australia and returned home to England. This is Loki This is Moxxi