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  1. sabian

    How much does it cost to feed your cat?

    All that Coke and Beer can't be good for him! :p
  2. sabian

    How much does it cost to feed your cat?

    I really don't know for sure and I only have one cat at the moment but, I'm thinking I only spend about 80$ every 3 or 4 months so, not that bad. Manny gets Purina One dry food and I free feed that. He gets American Journey, Fancy Feast and Iams perfect portions wet food. He only eats about a...
  3. sabian

    What breed does my cat resemble?

    I agree with the replies above but, if I had to pick a breed that she resembles I think I would go with Siberian though, not a strong resemblance. She does appear to have short legs from the picks. She's adorable! I can see why you would want to cuddle and squeeze her. Give her some time, she'll...
  4. sabian

    Do I need to rehome my cat? I am at a loss at this point...

    I agree with @fionasmom. I wouldn't put Merlin on it he's not the problem. I'm sorry, I just don't put alot of faith in blood test. I still think there's an underlying issue that's triggered this and a referral vet is your best option. For sure keep us informed. I want to know how this turns out.
  5. sabian

    Always sleepy...

    I agree with @ArtNJ it varies from cat to cat. Manny's scared of the vacuum cleaner and will hide or go to the other end of the house but, as soon as I'm finished he runs back to where I am so, he's not traumatized by it. He's not scared of loud music but, he's always looking around like he's...
  6. sabian

    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    I was just thinking about this thread the other day and wondered if there were any updates. I haven't heard anything.
  7. sabian

    Feline Hyperesthesia problems

    I don't really know anything about this but, I did do some quick google searches and found these links. Hyperesthesia Syndrome | Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Treating Feline Hyperesthesia | PetMD Just from a quick read on these it looks like it can be brought on by stress...
  8. sabian

    Always sleepy...

    It may be the medications that's making him sleepy and if he didn't sleep for 3 days he may just be getting comfortable enough to go to sleep. It could be a combination of the 2. As far as making him less scared and friendly, that's just going to take time. He's in a totally new environment and...
  9. sabian

    Do I need to rehome my cat? I am at a loss at this point...

    I said Emergency vet but I probably should have said referral clinic. Actually I think they're the same thing. I'm pretty sure they can do CT scans and MRI's too.
  10. sabian

    Do I need to rehome my cat? I am at a loss at this point...

    It sounds like something has triggered this. It's just odd that for 3 years they got along and bam out of the blue it starts. It could be anything from inner ear or tooth abscess like @CatladyJan brought up, something neurological, or possibly a brain tumor. I think I would do whatever test that...
  11. sabian

    Cat keeps sitting on high ledge

    It looks to me there are ways you could seal that off or at least make it " fall proof ". It may not be pretty but it could be done fairly cheaply. Or, if you wanted to spend the money you could have someone design something made out of acrylic or maybe plexiglass. Cats just like high places...
  12. sabian

    What kind of cat does Bruce resemble?

    If you have the money I would recommend doing the DNA test. It's interesting if nothing else. I don't regret doing it. Here's a couple links that may be helpful. It's the CFA and TICA websites. There's a wealth of info there. Just remember that their standards are for show cats and a pet quality...
  13. sabian

    What kind of cat does Bruce resemble?

    If I was going to pick a lookalike I would go with Siberian. He appears to have a shorter stockier body and more of an apple shaped head with smaller ears. Maine Coons have a longer body and tail, larger ears closer together and a chunkier muzzle. A NFC's body kind of falls in between a MC and...
  14. sabian

    Possible Bengal/Tabby mix?

    I would agree that he's not a Bengal but, with the head shape and ears I wonder if maybe there may be some oriental breed ancestry in there some where down the line. He would be considered a Domestic Short Hair without having any papers. Something tells me he's not going to grow into those ears...
  15. sabian

    Adopting a cat has been rough on my mental health

    I can't really add much more than the previous members have already. You've got some great advice from some very knowledgeable members and, it sounds like your already seeing some progress. As far as the cat carrier I would literally feed her in the carrier. I don't know what and how your...
  16. sabian

    What kind of cat is Chester?

    He's a very good Maine Coon lookalike. His tail appears to be fluffy so I would say he's a long hair. I wouldn't be surprised if his coat didn't fill in and get longer as he ages. Without papers he would be considered a Domestic Long Hair / Orange Tabby
  17. sabian

    Breed of my cat

    I think his coloring would be called a brown classic tabby which is not uncommon in the domestic population but, with his head shape and body along with the coloration he does look alot like a Bengal. Welcome to the site by the way! It's a great place for cat info!
  18. sabian

    Breed of my cat

    No problem. Savannah's and Bengals are known to be high energy so who knows. If he's a kitten it could just be kitten energy. I don't know how cat insurance works but if a thorough bred is higher to insure, they can't classify him a purebred without papers. How did you come across him? Was he a...
  19. sabian

    Breed of my cat

    I would say some possible ancestry to a Bengal there. For sure a lookalike. Without papers he would be considered a domestic short hair. Beautiful cat regardless!
  20. sabian

    Scared and shy

    This is just a funny story but, I had to take Manny to the vet this past Friday for his rabies shot and usual check up. His appointment was at 2:30. Since that's usually when I'm working he's usually sleeping in his cat tree. Sometimes when I'm at home he won't get in his cat tree he'll just...