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    Our Sweet Sam

    Its been a year tomorrow since we lost our beloved cat Sam to kidney disease, We would have love to have kept you alive and with us , but But Jesus had other plans for you , He wanted you with Him cause you were suffering , You passed in my arms knowing how much you loved us and we loved you...
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    Sam our beloved 12 year old cat

    Its been 11 months since our beloved kitty Sam passed there is not a day that goes by we don't think of you , we always will love you , You Sam were a special cat , we love and miss you til we meet at the rainbow bridge, I know you gave in Oreo when our hearts were aching for you thank you...
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    Kitten Biting me

    now Oreo has a habit of biting me . Last night I was laying in bead reading he came and sit lay with me I was petting him then all of a sudden bit me then today bit me again I said a sharp no \not sure what to do . would getting him fixed help he is climbing on top of cupboards , tree lost...
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    New Can of Food

    When I open a new can of wet food Oreo really enjoys ,it then seems not that interested after it been in the fridge a few days
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    the right amount of food

    I am giving my kitty 1/4-1/3 c of Acana kitten dry and 1 tsp of Performatin Naturals kitten 4 times a day, Is that enough ? breakfast 730 ie 12 noon lunch 530 dinner and 830=9pm pm last meal also sometimes give in cooked chicken , and some cheese once in a while
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    new kitten

    Hi every one I have a new 4 month old kitten . Last night he kept me up til 4 am jumping on stove and counter several times I kept taking him off and saying no and or spraying with water ,What else could I try , he has plenty of toys and boxes