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  1. kittymama18

    Reasons for hair pulling

    Cat initially diagnosed with IBD but no longer showing any symptoms. Before vomiting started she lost a lot of hair. I thought it must be a flea allergy and brought her inside to recover. She started growing hair back but for the past month or so will still pull it out in clumps. Along her...
  2. kittymama18

    Digestive Issues From Increased Fat Consumption?

    Are there any digestive issues that cause temporary (a few hours) discomfort when the cat eats a meal with more fat in it?
  3. kittymama18

    IBD Question about elimination diet

    How does one do a food trial on a cat who is fine as long as she's getting prednisolone? Do IBD cats usually show symptoms on steroids, or only unmedicated? I'm afraid to start giving her something new and mess up her innards more than they're already messed up, but not know about it. :dunno:
  4. kittymama18

    Anyone make food for a LOT of kitties?

    I have over 20 rescues in varying states from feral-but-lets-me-pet-them to adoring-housecat. When I just had a few, in the beginning (before people started dumping cats by my house) I used to make their food. At first cooked, then raw. They were super healthy and happy!!! And then the numbers...
  5. kittymama18

    IBD or? 6yo female spayed kitty with high creatinine, normal BUN and SDMA

    A few weeks ago my kitty started throwing up horribly. She's an outside kitty (in a fenced yard with my chickens, dog, and other cats; no other animals can get in) so I don't know if she had been throwing up before and I just didn't know it, but when this started it was bad. I brought her inside...
  6. kittymama18

    Relocating Colony

    I know you're not supposed to relocate colonies. But. I've been rescuing for years - and live down a dirt road where people dump their animals... the cats always end up on my property. I now have a large happy, healthy, vetted, spayed/neutered colony on my land, all are by now tamed enough to be...