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  1. JuanMontero

    Traveling EU with a FIV+ cat?

    Hello everybody I'm preparing a travel to Spain with my wife and our two cats, but one of them worries me a lot cause he is FIV+. His health es wonderful, but I don't know if his condition supposes an inbility to enter into EU space. Do you know any successfull attempt of traveling Europe with a...
  2. JuanMontero

    One Of My Cats Its Always Meowing At Night

    Hi, everybody Recently me and my wife adopted a male partner for a cat we rescued a year ago (both are spayed). Everything has gone great with them, and they are best buds, playing happily all the time. But a month ago something new had happened. When the new cat stop playing for taking a nap...
  3. JuanMontero

    My Old Cat Loses Weight Since I Adopted Other Cat

    Hi, everybody I'm a little bit worried for my old cat. Recently I adopted a five years old cat and, fortunately, he become the best friend of my first cat (2 1/2 years old). The problem is that my first cat is always after the new one to play with him -they have very enjoyable times-, and, on...
  4. JuanMontero

    +fiv Cats Sharing With -fiv Cats

    Recently I found an stray cat and decided to adopt him, but when the doctor practiced some analysis on his blood we get bad news: +FIV. Regarding that we already have a -FIV cat, the doctor's advice was to find a another home for the new cat and, in that way, to avoid the transmission of the...