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  1. Menzies

    What colour is my unusual Menzies?

    People frequently comment on how unusual the colour of my cat Menzies. I've described her on her registration as slate grey smoke with stripes and spots. Recently, I've been trying to work out the formal description. I've come up with something that I don't know is even possible. Blue and...
  2. Menzies

    Greetings from a 'Foster Fail' in the World Heritage Blue Mountains, Australia! Here's my cat story.

    I was first adopted by a kitten (Patches) when living in Canada (she just turned up on the fire escape one day). She then got pregnant (the little floozy) before I thought she was old enough to be desexed. She had two kittens called Pounce & Ginger in my bedroom. I had to rescue & clean up...