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  1. lisahe

    Hairballs, Homemade Food, And Added Fat

    Does anybody add extra fat to homemade food, be it cooked or raw? Has anybody ever found that fatty foods help prevent hairballs? Or that low-fat diets seem to help hairballs form? Why I'm Asking. Edwina, who's always been something of a barfer (meaning I think of you, @1 bruce 1, as well as...
  2. lisahe

    Alnutrin Question -- How Much Liver?

    I'm making my first batch of Alnutrin with my sample pack and am wondering how much liver I'm supposed to use. The instructions with the sample say .5 ounce or 14 grams but the Web site says .8 ounce or 23 grams for a pound of meat. I'm cooking up the larger amount but can easily take some out...
  3. lisahe

    Picky Eaters: Location, Location, Location

    There are always lots of threads about picky eaters -- including recent ones from @GGG and @Erin80 -- so I thought I'd mention something weird that's come up occasionally in some past threads about picky eaters. Some cats like to change their dining spots regularly. As an example, our picky...
  4. lisahe

    Merrick Canned LID -- Most Now With Pea Protein

    The thread title sums it up: all three poultry-based Merrick LID canned food now has pea protein. I'm not sure when they added it, but here's their page. The duck and turkey cans I have don't list pea protein on the labels but I wonder if they already have it because the recent cans just seemed...
  5. lisahe

    EZcomplete Supplement

    I just made our second small batch of cooked food using EZcomplete Supplement, from Food Fur Life, a company started by @LDG and Carolina Liima, whose Cat Site name I don't remember! Our cats love the food so much that I wanted to start a thread and post a photo. This is (uneventy) chopped...
  6. lisahe

    Oma's Pride "Purr!"

    One of my local pet food stores gave me a sample pack of Oma's Pride Purr! frozen raw food today. I'm just wondering if anyone's tried it. It's complete food and, I think, pretty new. (I didn't find it on their Web site, though I only did a casual search.) I think it sells for $4.99 for 12...