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  1. mazie

    Babies Dying

    How are they this morning?
  2. mazie

    Pregnant Or Not?

    Congratulations, how is the little family doing? So sorry about the little one that did not make it.
  3. mazie

    My Journey Towards Better Health

    I am glad you are going back to the doctor and will be seen today. This is good!
  4. mazie

    Not Really Feeling Anything...

    Her crying indeed has partly to do with losing her kittens. A few years ago, there was a feral cat in the neighborhood that lost her kittens to a couple of dogs I was told, and that momma cat for 2-3 days would walk around yeowling pittifully. After a few days, she was fine. You could tell...
  5. mazie

    Not Really Feeling Anything...

    Was she abused by someone before you came along?
  6. mazie

    Any Place To Order Pine Pellets Online (besides Feline Pine, Etc)

    You can purchase "pine pellets" from Tractor Supply.
  7. mazie

    Not Really Feeling Anything...

    Please, this is important. Sometimes we just have to take a few deep breaths, get tough, and do what we have to do. Don't give anything else a thought except making sure those kittens are free of their cords and the placentas are completely out of mom! I have been reading what our experts...
  8. mazie

    What Colour Kittens

    Look at those fat tummies, too! Darling little family;)
  9. mazie

    Fire-cat Victim Rehabilitation Help

    I agree, she will come around in time. She will watch how much fun the other cats in the family are having, and before you know it, she will out there enjoying the fun time too!!;) As you said, she is making progress, no more sleeping UNDER your bed.:). Patience is a virtue!
  10. mazie

    Cat Freaks Out When I Go In The Shower

  11. mazie

    Cat Freaks Out When I Go In The Shower

    I would try closing the door, or maybe getting a shower curtain that is clear so that he can see you somewhat and talk to him the whole time while you are showering.
  12. mazie

    Pregnant Cat Updated - Fleas.

    Some of those questions you ask, I do not know. I am sure our experts will answer your questions in full, but the way I see it, put the Advantage II on mom, then wash the kittens at that point. I hope you can get hold of Advantage soon, the sooner the better because fleas can be dangerous for...
  13. mazie

    Pregnant Cat Updated - Fleas.

    Have you used Advantage II? it is a topical you place at the nape of mom's neck. The kittens are too young, but if you treat mom and then bathe the kittens in Dawn dish soap, dry the kittens and then comb any fleas out of their fur that are left.
  14. mazie

    New Kitten

    Welcome to TCS, James. You have come tot he right place, as mentioned above by the others when you have any questions about your new kitten regarding anything and all things that have to do with kittens/cats, just ask. We have an abundance of experts and also, like myself, just plain "cat...
  15. mazie

    Need Serious Help. 2 Kittens.

    FeebysOwner, I remember in the past some members from time to time would post a recipe for what they called, "kitten glop", where in a pinch one could make their own kitten formula using certain items around the home. I remember some mentioning "goat's milk" is very good for kittens and very...
  16. mazie

    Help With Tiny Newborn

    I have never raised kittens, but from all I read in this forum, after you feed her, with a damp, warm wash cloth rub gently her bottom. That will stimulate her to "pee & poop". if you ever had watched the "kitten lady" on You-Tube you can see how it is done. Our "kitten experts" will assist...
  17. mazie

    Pregnant Cat Updated - Fleas.

    Ahh, Winnipeg, sorry, I did not even consider Canada. Thanks for answering that for me:)
  18. mazie

    Pregnant Cat Updated - Fleas.

    You keep saying "it is cold" where you are. You must be located south of the equator?
  19. mazie

    What Do You Think About "office" Cats?

    I would say your responses are quite unanimous for "yes". Please let us be part of this new adventure, sounds quite rewarding and fun for you. :)
  20. mazie

    My Cat May Die

    What exactly was the diagnosis given by your vet? What type of infection does she have. Did he give her blood tests, how comprehensive was his exam on your kitty?