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    How To Make Sure That My Cat Is Clean?

    I’m just wondering how to make sure that my cat is clean? How often shall I bathe her? What else shall I do to keep her clean? My cat has a short hair and she had her last bath 2 weeks ago
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    New Cat Sleeps Alot

    My first time having a cat but since I got her I noticed that she sleeps alot. When she wakes up I play with her for like 20 mins then she goes to eat and starts to move around the room and then in 1-2 hrs she sleeps again. She’s 7 months old I’m just kinda worried so I wanna make sure that what...
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    Is This Normal?

    Hello everyone I’m sorry but I’m having a cat for the first time in my life so I don’t really know much about them and I have a couple of questions. Q1) is it okay to sleep in my bedroom and keeping it outside? (She doesn’t scratch or anything) Q2) I’m living alone so she stays alone when I go...