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    Can gingival hyperplasia still be OSCC (oral squamous cell carcinoma) or osteomyelitis in a cat?? I'm running out of time. :(

    My cat just survived fatty liver/possibly triaditis, but before her liver enzymes were back to normal she started having dental pain again. I say again, because she has had severe dental issues for a while that I urged her last vet to address but he had me put off for 3 months to evaluate her...
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    hepatic lipidosis & hospice scheduled tomorrow - is it time to stop force feeding or is there hope still??

    Over the course of 2 weeks and despite telling my primary vet that my cat was eating less, she unfortunately developed hepatic lipidosis. I even urged him earlier last week to please prescribe anti-nausea medication to get her to eat, but he didn't want to overload her kidneys. I feel as though...