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    FYI - Immunizations & Pregnant Cats

    I've seen a couple threads with folks talking about getting immunizations for their pregant cats and I wanted to share a somewhat sad story. One year I took my cat to the vet, while she was 3 weeks pregnant for a prenatal check up. She was not quite due for her Rabies & FVRCP or distemper...
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    Just for laughs

    Spy cat is watching you! what you don't see is the pen and notepad he's holding - Sir Yid is taking notes! LOL
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    Sleeping Cats

    My crazy cat, Yid, snoozing on the deck. LOL! Please share your funny, sleeping cat pictures!
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    MEOW :)

    Hello fellow cat lovers I came across this site yesterday while searching the net. I am loving it! Meet my cats: Cambell & Bella - 2 yrs old, brother and sister, I hand raised them from 12 days old after the mom, (a stray I took in) took off and got hit by a car :( they are the kitties in my...