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    Thinking of adopting a Feral, but problems with the other animals.

    This cat (I named him the first day I saw him- Hawkeye) has been around our back yard for months now. He doesn't often leave our yard anymore, and when he does he's usually close enough that he'll show up if I call him. We already feel like he is our cat and that we should adopt him, and...
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    The Feral I've been feeding has worms.

    I've been feeding a feral cat for several months now- I guess he's sort of become our cat. He hangs around our back yard most of the time and we are thinking of adopting him, despite the objections of our other two cats and our dog. But the cat has worms. I got over the counter dewormer...
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    My cat should be about 8 weeks pregnant but is barely showing.

    We've been thinking our 11 year old cat is pregnant. She was in heat, and a male feral started hanging around our place. We tried to keep them apart and separated them via spraybottle several times but then it seemed clear they had done the deed. But she should be about 8 weeks and is...