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  1. cococat

    17+ year old will not wake up today, vet appt in one hour - scared

    I am so sorry this is happening to your special kitty.  Get a second opinion.  If possible at a cat only clinic.
  2. cococat

    What are you craving??

    Homemade pizza with oyster mushrooms. 
  3. cococat

    What do your cats eat?

    chicken soup
  4. cococat

    Any weird things your cats like eating?

    My cat will eat anything semi edible, bugs, all types of people food.  I have to watch carefully as she steals food and will take the human baby's food in a second.  She also rips up money, bills, paper.  Her favorite is money though.  Can't leave it laying out.  She will also rummage through...
  5. cococat

    What are you craving??

    fried mushrooms!
  6. cococat

    Mother's Day

    Sounds like a lovely day!  Why?
  7. cococat

    Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for a 3 year old?

    Love this site for unique stuff.  I agree with boy type toys to keep her interest Or the personal name puzzle, etsy has cute ideas of dress up stuff too.  Maybe an experience?  Like an indoor kiddie pool or the zoo, kids...
  8. cococat

    I found my way back.. again.

    Welcome back
  9. cococat

    kitten always hungry for more?

    Deworm and leave food out
  10. cococat

    A little TOO affectionate

    Maybe try wearing her out, get da bird and play an hour solid before bedtime?  Also make sure she has a full tummy.  Hungry cats will not let anyone sleep until they get what they demand.
  11. cococat

    Nips (kisses?) on my chin, and how to stop them.

    Mine does this all the time, to everyone.
  12. cococat

    What's the last thing you ate?

    pb again, right before bedtime,
  13. cococat

    cat on table....

    Cats will jump on counters and tables.  
  14. cococat

    Question of the Day, Friday, December 28

    I want to do nothing and stay at home.  That would be special to me.  Things have been way too busy lately!
  15. cococat

    How can a person that is such an animal lover, not be a good parent?

    This was the first thing I thought of as well.
  16. cococat

    any suggestions to chase the cold from my bones?

    I would start cooking all foods in iron skillets + iron pots.  It helps food taste great too.   Health issues aside: Wear under armour thermals under all of your clothes.  Heated blankets.  Space heater.  Warm animals who love to snuggle.  Heat packets, carry those around in your pockets and in...
  17. cococat

    What's the last thing you ate?

    Spoonfuls of peanut butter, the kind with nothing else added (like salt, sugar, etc.). 
  18. cococat

    Question about Vet Cost (Neuter and Declaw Question)

    A neuter for a cat around my area ranges from 30 dollars - 300 dollars.  Just depends.  Declawing costs around 250 at a cat clinic.  
  19. cococat

    Sleeping with pet cat = bad?

    That is nonsense.